Quit Your Day Job Tour @ Zanies – Dec. 2, 2012

Quit Your Day Job Tour

Quit Your Day Job Tour

We all have wanted to do it. Dealing with incompetent management and lazy co-workers every day for years can drive one to the breaking point. For these three comedians, that is exactly what happened. One by one they told their jobs to suck it so they could live a life on the road telling jokes to strangers. Now the
y have come together to hit the road to spread their stories of freedom and sleeping until noon on the Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour. It’s more than a comedy show, it’s a living, breathing example of how you don’t have to suffer the rest of your life behind a desk or on a sales floor. Quit your day job and come out to a show. But before you do, put some visine in a fresh pot of coffee in the break room.

Grady Ray- The Manchild
Grady Ray is a self described bi-racial bowl of love sauce and a former police officer in the Smoky Mountain town of Newport, Tennessee. His deep well of experiences coupled with his creative wit melts the crowd like rain drops… White chocolate rain drops. Grady Ray was raised in Cocke County, Tennessee, a part of the country known for moonshining, weed farming, chop shops, brothels and cock fighting. His influences include Richard Pryor, Mitch Hedberg and Tommy Chong. Grady has performed regularly at Side Splitters Comedy Club in Knoxville and recently toured the Midwest with the Crackers of Comedy Tour. When not on the road doing comedy you can find Grady reading comic books, watching Star Wars or playing XBox in true manchild fashion.

Matt Ward- The Stoner
Matt Ward doesn’t set out to offend, but he routinely stumbles into territory his devoted fans fearlessly go with him. He is an everyman and a nobody simultaneously. Getting his start at a hippie music festival in Ohio, Ward knows a bit about herbal inebriation. Matt has shared the stage with Doug Stanhope, Seaton Smith and Kyle Kinane. His Debut CD ‘Glamorous’ can be heard on his Pandora Comedy Channel or purchased through Itunes or Amazon. Ward is the co-host of the Sushi Douche Podcast and also has performed at the Laughing Skull and Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festivals.

J.C. Ratliff- The Drunk
Born into the ultra-conservative Southwest Virginia hills, J.C. Ratliff is wonderfully broken. A product of an Irish Protestant family that also produced a preacher and a police officer, J.C. chose the path of least appreciation in stand-up comedy. Channeling the energy and expelling the vitriol of Carlin and Hicks and the alcohol-fueled epithets of Doug Stanhope, J.C. Ratliff never loses your attention. He is the co-host of the Bone’s Lair Podcast, downloaded more than 200,000 times in 99 countries. His goals include getting free drinks when he performs and becoming the top bar comic in the world, or at least East Tennessee.

Also appearing, Nashville’s Gary Fletcher, Paulina Combow and James Austin Johnson (Hosted by Chad Riden!).

Tickets are on sale NOW at Zanies.com

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Pete Holmes w/ Corporate Juggernaut @ The High Watt (11/16)

Pete Holmes @ The High Watt

Pete Holmes @ The High Watt

The High Watt is pleased to announce another installment of its ongoing comedy series with Corporate Juggernaut, this time featuring LA-based comic Pete Holmes! He will perform two shows on Friday, November 16th; the early show will start at 7:00pm, with doors opening at 6:00pm, and the late show will begin at 9:30pm, with doors opening at 9:00pm. Seating is limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tickets to this 18+ event are $15, and are available online via the link below. Physical tic
kets are also available in person at Grimey’s New and Preloved Music, The Groove Record Shop, and Parlour & Juke Salon.

Pete’s standup has been featured on Conan, Comedy Central, and VH1’s Best Week Ever, and his weekly podcast (“You Made It Weird”) on Nerdist is critically acclaimed. Pete has written for and voices multiple characters on Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans” and is the voice and writer of the popular “E*Trade Baby” commercials. Both shows are expected to sell-out, so advance tickets are highly recommended.

Here’s a video of Pete’s standup:

Buy tickets online: http://ht.ly/c9ygi
(Facebook event)

7pm & 9pm showtimes

The High Watt
1 Cannery Row, Nashville, Tennessee 37206

More from Pete Holmes:
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@PeteHolmez on Twitter
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