Brad Hinderliter’s long lost “Up For Anything” Bud Light commercial w/ Rodney Carrington

Brad Hinderliter's "Up For Any Thing" Bud Light commercial

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Rodney Carrington, Owen Benjamin and our own Brad Hinderliter were asked to be part of a Bud Light commercial during the Wild West Comedy Festival in 2015. Brad was doing a bar show in a honkytonk as part of WWCF and they interrupted him, asking if he was “up for anything.” They handcuffed a briefcase to his wrist and told him he needed to bring it to Rodney Carrington. Then Hinderliter was dragged around town doing beer commercial type stuff: being in a parade, riding in a monster truck, etc. He then found out that he would be opening for Rodney Carrington at TPAC that night.

“It was a lot of fun,” says Brad, “and they wouldn’t let me drink beer.”

Rodney Carrington posted the clip on his Youtube channel, saying, “The commercial never aired… so we are airing it.” Here it is:

..and here’s a video of Brad’s stand-up:

For more from Brad Hinderliter:

The Soda Parlor’s Olan Rogers’ “Final Space” cartoon picked up by TBS / Conan O’Brien

Final Space

Final Space 2018 on TBS

Deadline is reporting that TBS has green-lit Final Space, an interstellar animated comedy from Nashville-based indie filmmaker / actor / Youtuber / The Soda Parlor owner Olan Rogers, Conan O’Brien’s Conaco, and New Form in association with Turner’s Studio T, for premiere in 2018.

Olan seems pretty excited about it:

Final Space

Final Space is about Gary, an astronaut, and his pal Mooncake, who destroys planets. Just watch the fantastic 7-minute pilot:

The short has been very popular on Youtube. Olan pitched the concept to Comedy Central, TBS, FOX, FX, Youtube and Fullscreen who ALL wanted to sign on. Thom Hinkle (SVP of original programming for TBS) described the pitch saying, “Olan pitched us Final Space voicing all the characters and dancing around the conference room. It was kind of like a comedic MOON – genuinely funny and oddly heartfelt. We bought it in the room. So did other networks. We’re glad he chose us. XO.”

Olan Rogers sells apparel on his Olan Rogers Supply website and just re-opened his shop, The Soda Parlor, on 966 Woodland Street in East Nashville.

Billy Wayne Davis Live at Third Man Records (12″ VINYL) available for pre-order now

Billy Wayne Davis Live at Third Man Records

Billy Wayne Davis Live at Third Man Records

Billy Wayne Davis: Live at Third Man Records (12″ VINYL) was recorded 5/17/2016 during the Wild West Comedy Festival and is available for pre-order NOW at From Third Man Records:

“You don’t need to be from the South to understand Billy Wayne Davis’ particular brand of cutting humor, but being the Nashvillians we are (both transplanted and native), this up-and-comer is one of our favorite used-to-be local (and soon-to-go-global) stand-up comedians. Davis has gone from surprising crowds at the comedy club down the road with his “sharp-tongued-twang,” to conquering the alt comedy scene of Seattle, to hangin’ with Marc Maron, opening for Sturgill Simpson, winning over millions on Last Comic Standing, starring in a Morgan Spurlock produced documentary about Freedom, and working with the likes of Greg Giraldo, Louis CK, and Mitch Hedberg along the way.

Davis, now living in Los Angeles, headed back to Nashville while on tour last Spring and left the Blue Room audience in stitches. Third Man Records is thrilled to relive the night and share the comedic stylings Tennessee’s much-missed “small-town-smart-mouth” with the masses, adding another catalog number to what is becoming a pretty formidable collection of comedy records, including offerings from Reggie Watts, Rory Scovel, Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, Conan O’Brien, Neil Hamburger, and more.

The Billy Wayne Davis Live at Third Man Records 12″ LP comes with a download code for a video of Davis’ complete set.”

Here’s a short clip they posted:

Visit the Third Man Records online store and place your order now!

Support Danny Limor’s “Neutron City Comix #1” Kickstarter

Danny Limor doesn’t do stand-up very often any more, but he’s been putting all of his hilarious jokes into his webcomic, “Neutron City Comix.” He’d like to produce printed copies of his new epic ongoing, ALL-AGES meta-comedy comic book series, so he has launched a kickstarter for “Pencil Ink Presents: Neutron City Comix #1.” Take it away, Danny:


It is our privilege to announce to YOU, our Cadets, the launch of our 2nd flagship title:


The future of the comic book industry is to be found in the Young Readers section, and we’re proud to offer Neutron City Comix as an ongoing series inclusive to readers of ALL ages. While the cartoony style is appealing to children, the jokes are sophisticated, amusing even the most cynical of adults without alienating any younger readers.

Neutron City Comix is a project we have been working on for more than a decade. Originally envisioned as a cartoon for Yoni to animate as a college project, I came up with what was essentially a Clerks knock-off about a bunch of nerds hanging out in a comic book store. The idea wasn’t right but some of the characters were good. Those few characters were called back into action alongside a new cast of oddballs in what was going to be a comic book about Maxx, a kid who wins a contest to become the subject of a documentary-style reality show. Strike Two. The last time we saw the Neutron City Comix gang they were starring in an all-ages meta-comedy webcomic strip. It was a good strip. Very funny. It was enjoyed by AT LEAST a dozen people (verifiable FACT) but ultimately the strip format was a bit too claustrophobic for me. I’m not saying you can’t tell deep and compelling stories in the strip format, I’m just saying that I can’t. I felt the characters deserved to be the stars of their own comic book series and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the aforementioned stars.


We wanted this comic to be something special so we went all out. We started with a veritable triple-threat: My comedic genius, my writings goodness, and my artistic mediocrity. Then Yoni took over and ILM’d the nertz out of it and now… Now it is, simply put, a comic book masterpiece the likes of which humanity has never seen before!!


Our plan is to have Neutron City Comix #1 printed and ready for distribution at comic book conventions across America by March of 2017. The comic is already finished and ready to go to the printer.

Neutron City Comix #1 is a 48 page, full-color prestige format (soft cover binding) comic book experience. A giant-sized story with some amazing bonus material. We have some of the finest names in all-ages comics contributing guest pin-ups. Check out this line-up of talent:

Chris Giarrusso (G-Man; Mini Marvels)

Kurt Wood Dot Com (Aw Yeah Comics!; Rumpuss)

Scoot McMahon (Aw Yeah Comics!; Spot On Adventure)

FRED HEMBECK (Fred Hembeck Destroys The Marvel Universe)


And for anyone pledging $25 or MORE, you’ll receive a special variant cover by Chris Schweizer (The Crogan Adventures; The Creeps)!!

We are also offering a VERY SPECIAL REWARD (also available as an add-on)


I know what you’re thinking. “Truly these and all the other bonus goodies you are offering must surely cost the fortunes of two kings?” It’s actually not that much. Our goal is to raise $5,000. Not chump change by any measure, but a fairly reasonable sum considering how much work went into this project and what the return will be for all involved in this Kickstarter campaign.

The $5,000 budget will facilitate the high-volume printing of issue #1, allowing us to get it into as many hands as possible this coming year as we head into the convention season. In addition, it will also cover the costs of bags and boards for the comics, the prints, buttons, and all the other incentives. (It also takes care of the Kickstarter/Stripe/Amazon 10% fee.)

Cadets, I have been in love with comics since I was 10 years old. It started with the likes of Sgt. Rock and G.I. Joe. Then I found the super heroes. Marvel and DC owned my teenage years. From there my interests expanded and I found that comic books could literally be about anything. But when I look at the current comics landscape it bothers me a little that many of the comics I loved reading as a child are no longer really suitable for children. Many of the super hero books that entertained Young Danny are now gritty, overly violent, and frankly inappropriate for children. Not to mention, they take themselves way too seriously for stories about people who can shoot laser beams from their eyes or dress up like bats because criminals are scaredy cats.

If all the comics grow up with you, what’s left to attract younger readers? Neutron City Comix, that’s what.


What he said.


Check out the awesome rewards we’re offering:


Visit the Kickstarter page for a special Sneak Preview of Issue #1 of the all- new Neutron City Comix & make your pledge now!

Chad Riden, Sean Parrott, and Brad Pendergast on “Brain Trust” game show Harry Potter Edition


Michael Brown’s “Brain Trust” game show came to The East Room a while back and the video is finally online! Season 2 Episode 2 – The Harry Potter Edition: Nashville-based comedians Chad Riden, Sean Parrott, and Brad Pendergast battle each other to prove their mastery over Magic and chase the Golden Snitch to victory!