Mary Mack adds voice to FOX / ADHD’s “Golan the Insatiable”

Mary Mack
Mary Mack

Years ago a tiny girl walked into the Tuesday open mic at the Bar Car in Cummins Station carrying a large case and asked in a thick Minnesota accent, “um, is it okay if I play my trombone as part of my act?” Everything about her was hilarious, right off the bat. “Do whatever you want,” was the answer Mary Mack heard.

In the hey day of the Bar Car show, there were two or three working, traveling comics going up every week and about 8-10 local comics who would bring really experimental, hilarious new stuff almost every week in an attempt to out-do each other. Her first time up, Mary’s set was the highlight of the night. Over the next three to four months, she returned every week and had a new five minutes that floored everyone. She recorded those sets and self-released her first album, titled “funny.” Mary packed up a PA system and a tent and embarked upon a cross-country tour doing guest sets at every comedy club she could talk her way into, staying at KOA campgrounds to save money. She booked a lot of weeks of work on the spot and by the end of the run had become a full time, working comedian.

Mary has since recorded two more albums – “Either You Wake Up Or You Don’t” and “Pinch Finger Girl: a tragedomedy”, appeared on the Bob and Tom Radio Show, XM / Sirius, the Vancouver Comedy Fest (2007), HBO’s Andy Kaufman Awards (2007), Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival (2009), and in 2011 was selected for the San Francisco Sketch Fest’s “Dozen,” 12 up and coming headliners performing at the Punch Line throughout the fest.

While performing at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival in 2009, she was seen by Nick Weidenfeld who thought, “This woman’s voice is amazing, and it’s not a put-on. Her voice cut through everything else — so I wrote her name down six years ago and thought, ‘If there’s ever the right cartoon for her, she needs to be the voice of a cartoon.'” Mr. Weidenfeld is currently the head of FOX’s new Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) programming block and Executive Producer of the new animated series “Golan the Insatiable,” which starts Jan. 11th, 2014. Mary Mack has been cast as the voice of Dylan, a young girl whose best friend is a fearsome monster named Golan in the show.

Comedian Mary Mack voices the character Dylan in the new Fox animated series, Golan the Insatiable.  ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF: While supposedly babysitting Dylan, left, Golan becomes distracted by his new friends in the special preview episode of GOLAN THE INSATIABLE, "Ragin' Fun," airing Saturday, Nov. 23 (11:00 PM-Midnight ET/PT) on FOX.
Comedian Mary Mack voices the character Dylan in the new Fox animated series, Golan the Insatiable.

“Dylan’s in an angry phase,” says Mary, who now splits her time between Minneapolis and Los Angeles. “She’s probably always going to be angry. She doesn’t fit in in the town she’s from, which is a suburb of [Minneapolis] called Oak Grove. “Golan the Insatiable” is about a “mighty godlord from an alternate universe” who shows up in a small town and befriends Dylan, a young girl going through an angry phase.

“Her voice is so seemingly cute, but she was able to sell kind of a sinister sound without compromising the cuteness of the voice,” says “Golan the Insatiable” creator Josh Miller. “We knew we didn’t want her to be full on Wednesday Adams. We wanted her to have real energy and she was able to bring that.”

Mary has been trying to get more acting work and spend less time on the road. She’s been busying herself with acting and improv classes, writing and trying to get published. “I’m always trying to stay tuned to an opportunity that presents itself. Being ready for the opportunities is the time-consuming thing. Some people are all about you have to create your own opportunities and all these motivational sayings, but I don’t think I’m any good at creating my own opportunities. I’ve just been having good accidents happen.”

Here’s the GOLAN THE INSATIABLE trailer:

In a special preview episode of GOLAN THE INSATIABLE, “Ragin’ Fun,” Golan becomes distracted by his new friends while supposedly babysitting Dylan (Mary Mack). Check out the preview Saturday, Nov. 23 (11:00 PM-Midnight ET/PT) on FOX.

Read more about what Mary is up to at‘s story “Minneapolis comedian nabs big gig in animated Fox series,” where several of these quotes originated.

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Nate Bargatze on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – June 13, 2013

Nate Bargatze on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - June 13, 2013

I can’t believe I forgot to post this earlier.. Our own Nate Bargatze made his first appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, June 13, 2013 with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Val Kilmer. As always, it went well! Jimmy Fallon tweeted that Nate is, “My new favorite comedian.” Here’s the video:

Here are some still images from the show:

More from Mr. Bargatze:

UPDATE: Nashville’s Nate Bargatze returns to Conan Wed, Aug. 10

Nate Bargatze
Nate Bargatze, Vandy fan

Nate Bargatze is on a roll. His Comedy Central Presents special debuted in February.. and his performances at Bonnaroo this summer were very well received.

Old Hickory, TN’s favorite comedian will make his first appearance on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show Tuesday, August 9th Wednesday, August 10th. Nate was scheduled to appear on July 21st, but unfortunately, the show ran long and Nate got bumped.

Mr. Bargatze previously appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien twice.

Perhaps Vanderbilt’s biggest fan, Nate is always wearing some sort of Vanderbilt-branded attire. Watch Conan on TBS Wednesday, August 10th and just know that if you don’t see Vandy gear at first glance, he’s wearing Vanderbilt shorts underneath. Absolutely true.

8/9 UPDATE FROM NATE: “Watch conan Aug 10 tomorrow night. I am taping it today but will air Aug 10. I’m sorry and if u want to like another comic I understand.

Here’s a funny clip from Nate’s Comedy Central Presents special:
Nate Bargatze – Big Business
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If you’d like to see Nate live, you’re in luck! He’ll be headlining the Corporate Juggernaut show here in Nashville August 29th at Bongo Java:

Here’s where you can find Nate online:
Facebook Fan Page

Louis CK defends Tracy Morgan; Chad Riden to discuss controversy on tv tonight

EDITORIAL NOTE: This is an opinion piece written by comedian Chad Riden, who does not represent or speak on behalf of anyone, including sometimes himself.

Today, comedian Louis CK took to twitter to defend Tracy Morgan. Over the course of several tweets, he said:

Tracey Morgan said something wrong, evil, cruel, ignorant and hilarious. He was on a comedy stage, not at a pulpit. You have a right to be offended, sound off. As a man who hates violence and discrimination against gays or anyone, I was not offended.

I can have two thoughts simultaneously. 1. Gay people have a right to grow up and live in confidence happiness, honesty and equality. thought 2. Tracey Morgan is ridiculous and I love watching him just go to wrongful and crazy places in his mind and I can laugh.

If every word a person says has to be right and balanced and fair, I will jump off a tall thing onto a hard place. It is clear to anyone with an ability to reason and understand people that he didn’t mean a word of what he said. he was fucking around.

Louis is 100% correct.

I was at the show and although the bit in question did not get laughs from ME, it DID get laughs at The Ryman that night. His “tone” wasn’t any different from when he was talking about butt-fucking “retards” or when he was talking about how women should be at home cooking. Where is the outrage from the retards? Why aren’t we talking about women’s rights right now?

The Tracy Morgan controversy is NOT about Tracy. It’s 100% about TN HB 600 / SB 632 & Stacy Campfield’s ridiculous “Don’t Say Gay” legislation — Both Tennessee state bills are terrible, hate-fueled legislation proposed by Republicans and GLAAD is using Tracy Morgan as a pawn to further their agenda in the state. I do not disagree with them on the real issue at hand, but I do dislike HOW they’re doing this.

LGBT rights / equality is important and Tennessee is a hotbed right now.. but by demonizing Tracy Morgan, the new victim has become free speech. Comedians – and all artists of any medium – must be able to communicate whatever they want, however they see fit. As soon as one subject/word/idea is “off limits” then it’s ALL taboo. Tracy’s words were in the context of a show, NOT a political statement.

Tracy’s act was paraphrased second-hand in text by someone who was offended by a performer who has said similar things many times before. Yes, it was “violent imagery” and it would be “disturbing” IF you thought he would act out literal interpretations of his ACT in REAL LIFE.. but what moron actually believes that?

Sometimes I say the exact opposite of what I mean and exaggerate view points I totally DISAGREE with, but sarcasm doesn’t translate to text. We can’t take the literal meaning of the text of the words comedians say in their ACTS and use that to try to judge their REAL WORLD opinions. Johnny Cash did not kill a guy in Reno. Steven Wright didn’t have a pony. Tracy Morgan wouldn’t stab his kid to death. Use your brain.

If special interest groups who exist ONLY to be offended by things are allowed to dictate what artists can say.. Freedom of Speech is dead.

I have been outspoken in the Nashville media this week. A lot of people I’ve talked to feel the same way. I find it ironic that because of this controversy comedians are now being bullied by the LGBT community.

I’ll be on NewsChannel5’s “Open Line” show tonight from 7-8pm Central (on NC5+) discussing the Tracy Morgan controversy. You can call in: 615-737-7587.

[ UPDATE: Here’s a link to video of the first ten minutes of the show. ]

Gay or straight, sane or crazy, I love you – each and every one. Your pal, Chad Riden

Nate Bargatze to tape Comedy Central Presents.. on Oct. 17, FREE tickets available now

Nate Bargatze, Vandy fan

When Nate Bargatze was in town filming The ATypical Southern Comedy Quartet documentary at Jesse Zanes, he was introduced as having just been selected to tape a “Comedy Central Presents..” special for the 2011 season. Today, Comedy Central announced the dates and times for the tapings at The Gerald W. Lynch Theater in New York City.

Nate Bargatze & Hari Kondabolu’s specials will both be shot Sunday October 17, 2010, starting at 8:30 PM. Want tickets? They’re free.

Congratulations to Nate!