Mother’s Day gift idea: “Motherhood the Musical” cd

Motherhood The Musical cd

The new musical that’s leaving women across the country saying “that’s my life!” is coming to a city near you in 2012. Motherhood the Musical® is the incredibly funny, poignant musical that shows four different perspectives. Written by Nashville’s own Sue Fabisch, the show humorously captures every stage of motherhood including the changes that happen to the body after pregnancy and nursing, succumbing to driving a minivan and becoming a grandma for the very first time. Declared as “Engaging, hilarious and touching!” by Variety, Motherhood the Musical® is produced by GFour Productions, the team who has successfully brought Menopause The Musical® to multiple international markets and every major market in the United States.

The “Motherhood the Musical” CD featuring all your favorite Motherhood songs:

“The Kids Are Finally Asleep”, “Minivan”, “I’m Danny’s Mom”, “Not Gonna Take It Anymore” and of course, “Costco Queen”. All 20 songs from the hit show featuring the vocals of the talented Kareema Khouri, Lisa Manuli, Margot Moreland and Laura Turnbull.

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