Nashville StandUp Sits Down #47 – 4/2/2017

NSUPsitsDOWN sundays 6-7pm on WXNA 101.5 fm
Chad Riden and Mary Jay Berger play stand-up from Dan Schlacter, Megan Gailey, Josh Wagner, Dan Whitehurst, Dusty Slay, Jennifer McAuliffe, Tim Northern, Brian Bates, Renard Hirsch, Monty Mitchell, Patrick Devine, John Hickok, Jim Breuer, Sean Parrott, Brad Hinderliter, Hannah Hogan, Killer Beaz. ‘Nashville StandUp Sits Down’ features the very best of Nashville Comedy from 6-7pm Sundays on WXNA 101.5 FM in Nashville and streams online at & on the TuneIn app AND is archived at :: follow us on all the things :: NSUPsitsDOWN on WXNA-FM: NASHVILLE STANDUP: http:// CHAD RIDEN: MARY JAY BERGER: http:// Theme and interstitial music by The Great ManundsoBIZRQ.