Brad Edwards’ Breaking Bad meth lab Lego set mentioned on Conan

Brad Edwards' Breaking Bad meth lab Lego set
Brad Edwards' Breaking Bad meth lab Lego set
Brad Edwards’ Breaking Bad meth lab Lego set

On Wednesday, July 18th, 2012, Bryan Cranston made an appearance on Conan to promote Breaking Bad. About a minute into the interview, Conan O’Brien showed a couple photos of Nashville based comedian and Lego enthusiast Brad Edwards’ Breaking Bad meth lab Lego set. Conan said, “This show has pervaded the culture to such a degree that there is now a Lego meth lab set. This is fantastic!” Cranston said, “This is good to see because Science has been lacking in our country..” Check out the video clip, courtesy of

To see the entire set of 15 photos visit Brad’s Facebook photo album, or if you prefer, the post Gary Fletcher made on Reddit.. or OH LOOK IT’S RIGHT HERE:

To see more funny / awesome things Brad has done, visit him on the world wide web, errbody:

Bradder Than You, July 12-13 in Murfreesboro

Bradder Than You, July 12-13 in Murfreesboro

Bradder Than You, July 12-13 in Murfreesboro

Out Front on Main, Inc. is pleased to present Bradder Than You: July 12-13 at 9pm.

The line-up includes: Gary Fletcher as the MC, Dan Shlacter, Sean Parrott, Sean Christian Staggs and Headliner Brad Edwards.

About the Artists:

Yes THE Sean Parrott aka “the clam slammer” aka “the talent” aka “Sean Dead” of the “Dead Dead” the greatest band Hell ever created. One of the greatest white comics of the 20th century. Readers Digest awarded him some award for comedy or something. super funny

Internet sensation Gary Flecther voted “Americas 2nd favorite comedian of all time” and owner of Bug. Mastermind of the critically acclaimed podcast “Happy Birthday Gary” CO-Creator of the stand-up powerhouse know as Corporate Juggernaut. very funny

Formerly Sean “Jew” Staggs this comedic genius and professional hater has been seen on thousands of stages by hundreds of people. Stand-up comic/singer/songwriter/actor/director/Stand-up Comic again. There is nothing he cant do!!! really funny

Dan Shlacter never relied on the fame of his infamous uncle to get ahead in comedy. Dan stands alone in wit and grace and talent and funny and good. Known to his friends as “Baby Dee” Dan has won multiple awards for outstanding outstand-up comedy. Including “employee of the month of comedy” and “good for one free back rub” funny funny

It is an insult to Brad Edwards to even try to describe him. The essence of Brads comedy chops can not be crammed into anything as small and dull as written words. Its like looking at a photo of an atom bomb and acting like you got hit by an atom bomb NO A GAMMA BOMB like the Hulk. Ok I was wrong you can explain Brad Brad is like the Hulk. dang funny

Out Front On Main
1511 E. Main Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130
Info and reservations (615) 869-8617 or

(Facebook event)

July 11th N’Sup Showcase at Zanies

NashvilleStandUp Showcase at Zanies
The Showcase @ Zanies is a showcase of the funniest professional comedians based in the Nashville area, plus guest sets from traveling comics, and a few up-and-coming young comics from the local Nashville scene. The line-up for the July 11, 2012 show includes: Monty Mitchell, James Austin Johnson, Rob Haynes, Sean Staggs, Paulina Combow, Brad Edwards, Katrina Coleman, Sean Parrott, Chad Riden, Gary Fletcher, Dave Stone, and will be headlined by Dee Jay Dangler.

D.J. Dangler’s comedy is a high-energy blend of curiosity and commentary. He melds East-Coast cynicism with Midwestern politeness to create a unique and accessible take on the way things are or should be. D.J. tells stories that are hauntingly honest, but disarmingly sincere. Believing nothing is off limits, so long as it’s funny, D.J. pushes forward to prove his message that people everywhere, are pretty much the same, and that if you can make enough of those people laugh, you don’t have to get a real job.
The head writer for Comedy Circus, D.J. has performed at Caroline’s onBroadway, Gotham Comedy Club, and the New York Comedy Club. His debut album, “Where my sixes at?” is available on iTunes. He currently tells jokes all over America, except for Texas, and will make his European Debut this summer. His high energy style informs and entertains crowds of every demographic.


The Showcase featuring Dee Jay Dangler
Wed., July 11, 2012
doors open: 6:30pm
showtime: 7:30pm

Zanies Comedy Showplace
2025 8th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204

$5. available at the door, online, or at the Zanies box office at: 615-269-0221

Facebook event:
Wed., July 11, 2012 – 7:30 pm

More info about the N’Sup Showcase @ Zanies is available at: