Nashville StandUp is a 509(a)(2) Public Charity with a mission to cultivate and promote middle Tennessee’s growing stand-up comedy scene and the Nashville-based comedians that help make it a success. This website is the only resource for complete local stand-up comedy show listings and news and serves as a centralized hub of information for comedians and comedy fans. N’Sup produces live shows around Middle Tennessee, podcasts, radio shows, comedy albums, videos, livestreams and shamelessly uses social engineering to scam the elderly.

NashvilleStandup.com first went online in the roaring twenties. It was pretty lonely on the internet back then.. we didn’t get a single hit until about four years ago when Microsoft invented computers. That is not true at all.

NashvilleStandUp.com was founded in 2000 by Andrew “AJ” Sullivan. Drew has since quit comedy and left the country. He moved to Bosnia, teaching journalistic integrity to news organizations and also training young women how not to be sold as sex slaves.  Not kidding.

The earliest known version of the site that shows up in archive.org is dated February 2001 and mentions Zanies & Jody’s Bar Car & has links for Keith Alberstadt, Greg Hall, Frankie Harris, Danny Limor, Landon Lyon, Tim Northern, Matt O’Brien, Carla Rhodes, Rik Roberts, A. J. Sullivan, and Dan Whitehurst.

Early in 2001, Chad Riden took up the reigns of NashvilleStandUp, and quickly drove the thing into the ground. He created on-site profiles for active local comics, listed upcoming shows, started a mailing list, began writing semi-regular newsletters and set up a forum where Nashville-based comics and fans could screw around while on the clock at work all day.

The look and feel of the site has changed five or six times over the years. Chad did a lot of this work, but many thanks are also due to Scot Nery for various code and design work, including the NashvilleStandUp logo.

In April of 2005, N’Sup began using MovableType as a content management system. In February of 2009, the site was migrated to WordPress. To this day, nobody cares how or why the website actually works.

Today, still wanted by the government, NashvilleStandUp.com survives as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them.. maybe you can hire.. some smart asses.