Nashville StandUp Sits Down #52 – 5/14/2017 – Jessica Carter

Jessica Carter & Chad Riden at WXNA 5/14/2017 for NSUPsitsDOWN #52 on WXNA

Chad Riden welcomes special guest comedian / radio host JESSICA CARTER to Martha’s Chicken Shack. They play stand-up from Monty Mitchell, Fray Forde, Jesse Perry, Steve Mudflap McGrew, John Witherspoon, Ross Hamilton, Sara Schaefer, Jesse Case, Laura Peek, Josh Wagner, Patrick Devine, Narado Moore, James Austin Johnson, plus there’s a clip of Jesse Perry’s Col. Parker singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Lead in music was Birdcloud: “I Got Problems” and outtro music was The Skinny Boys: “Jock Box.”

Nashville StandUp Sits Down #51 – 5/7/2017 – Jesse Perry

NSUPsitsDOWN #51 - 5/7/2017 with Jesse Perry and Chad Riden

Chad Riden welcomes special guest comedian / actor / podcaster / improvisational genius JESSE PERRY who talks about making indie comedy / horror film ‘Black Holler’, his sketch comedy videos, podcasts and stand-up comedy. They play stand-up from Tim Northern, Bo Shuster, Brad Edwards, Ian Harris; Bruce Ervin’s songs “New Girl in Town” & The “Black Holler Theme” plus an excerpt from the Black Holler class room scene;
also clips of “Col. Parker’s AIDS Vaccine,” “Col. Parker’s Edible Bowling Balls,” and “Texas Toast And His Talking Dog Jesus Episode 1.”

Nashville StandUp Sits Down #50 – 4/30/2017 – Mark Anundson

Chad Riden welcomes guest comedian / musician Mark Anundson and plays stand-up from Sean Parrott, Cody Marley / JOKEMON, Carrie Gravenson, Erin Judge, Abbi Crutchfield, Kaytlin Bailey, John Caparulo, Na’im Lynn, William ‘Spank’ Horton, Brian Bates, Josh Wagner, Patrick Devine.

‘Black Holler’ Nashville indie horror-comedy to premier at Belcourt 4/24/2017

Black Holler is a Nashvile-comic written horror-comedy produced around Nashville featuring many Nashville comedians.

Black Holler is a Kickstarter-funded horror-comedy feature film produced in Nashville, TN starring Tamiko Robinson as La Femme Laquita Johnson. It was written and produced by Nashville comic / producer / playwright / actress Heidi Ervin, and  shot in locations

184-hour long #BrokenRecordShow kicks off #WWCF2017 at 5am Easter Sunday at Third Coast Comedy Club

2017 #BrokenRecordShow print featuring artwork by Brett Brock

184-hour long #BrokenRecordShow kicks off #WWCF2017 at 5am Easter Sunday at Third Coast Comedy Club and runs non-stop 24-hours-a-day through Sunday April 23, 2017 at 9:26pm.