Sean Parrott releases new video / single: “Fuck Trump”

Our pal Sean Parrott just released a new video / single called “Fuck Trump,” directed by Michael Hampton. Check it out: Sean’s new EP is called “The Bast: Fuck Trump” and is available now at You can see Sean

Chad Riden, Sean Parrott, and Brad Pendergast on “Brain Trust” game show Harry Potter Edition

Michael Brown’s “Brain Trust” game show came to The East Room a while back and the video is finally online! Season 2 Episode 2 – The Harry Potter Edition: Nashville-based comedians Chad Riden, Sean Parrott, and Brad Pendergast battle each other to prove their mastery over Magic and chase the Golden Snitch to victory!

Sean Parrott profiled in Nashville Arts Magazine

Our friend Tony Youngblood wrote a lovely profile of Nashville comedian and musician Sean Parrott which was published in Nashville Arts Magazine. The full interview is available on their website, Here is an excerpt, where Sean explains how he

Sean Parrott @ SPiFFY SQUiRREL Comedy Show (The East Room) 2/15/2015

“I’m a weird guy but I come by it honestly, because my Mom is a weird guy too.” Since 2006, Sean Parrott has been bringing his charismatic stage presence and a unique point of view to comedy clubs and bars