Radio Free Nashville Comedy Night! A Benefit for WRFN 107.1 FM

Radio Free Nashville Comedy Night 9/4 at MadDonna's!

A night of comedy benefiting Nashville’s independent community radio station WRFN 107.1 Radio Free Nashville! After 8 years on the LPFM dial, RFN is gearing up to sign on to a second frequency, 103.7 FM, a translator that will reach ALL of Nashville. This will give the station the opportunity to be heard citywide, but funds need to be raised to acquire the necessary equipment.

Comedians Ron Placone (host of MediaBytes) and Jessica Carter (host of Friday Night Drama) are both programmers at Radio Free Nashville, and have organized this comedy benefit to help the cause. They’ve assembled a line-up of some of the finest comedians in Nashville including Christy Eidson, Chad Riden, Mary Jay Berger and Monty Mitchell. All proceeds raised from the event will go to Radio Free Nashville.

Come for a night of laughs and to support independent radio!
$5 (suggested donation)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mad Donna’s
1313 Woodland St, Nashville, Tennessee 37206-2820

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Rik Roberts on Lightning 100 / Music Business Radio

Rik Roberts
Nashville-based comedian Rik Roberts recently visited the Lightning 100 / Music Business Radio studios for a fast paced chat about what musicians can learn from the business of comedy, including advice on writing, keeping a show moving forward, building rapport with and engaging the audience, how to sell merch from the stage, the corporate market, and more. This episode also includes a 100% comedy/novelty song Demo Derby. Check it out Sunday or Monday!

‎7:00 PM Sunday / 11 PM Monday Lightning 100 FM {Nashville}

Revenge Of The NashvilleStandUp Podcast logoWe’ve resurrected the old NashvilleStandUp Podcast feed, errbody.

Originating in 2005, The NashvilleStandUp Podcast was one of the very first comedy podcasts around. We were doing this so early in the game that the domain “” was AVAILABLE for sale and purchased by’s Chad Riden for $8.

The N’Sup Podcast was, at the time, the ONLY comedy podcast in iTunes where a panel of comics sat around being jackasses, ripping on each other, playing clips from live shows, doing phone interviews with comedians.. and originated the now famous (and often imitated) Iron Comic comedy competition. A highlight of these old shows was a phoner from Patton Oswalt.

Many of the early episodes originally aired live as “The NashvilleStandUp Radio Show” on X-Radio in Nashville, Tennessee. A later GarageBand produced revival of the show was short lived, but set the stage for the sketch-based Mangy Dog Radio Hour Whoop Dee Doo, which continued for 49 episodes and spawned one Greatest Hits cd.

Today, if you search for the NashvilleStandUp Podcast in iTunes or at you’ll find all of those old episodes PLUS new video clips of individual sets from the last few N’Sup Showcase @ Zanies shows.

NashvilleStandUp will be adding more clips over time. Also, we’ll add the audio tracks from all of the old N’Sup cd’s produced at the Truth, Beauty & Goodness shows in Ashland City & some other old recordings we’ve got sitting around in the archives. We’ve got unlimited server space and bandwidth, so we can leave these things in that spot forever.. so, comics, if there is anything of yours you find that you DO NOT want online just let us know and we’ll take it down.

You should be able to download any/all of this content by subscribing in iTunes or by clicking the ‘download’ link on the website. For you weirdo anti-iTunes people, the RSS feed is here.

Dan Whitehurst makes “Bob and Tom” debut Tuesday, May 26th

Dan Whitehurst
Dan Whitehurst
Nashville-based comedian Dan Whitehurst will be a guest on the Bob and Tom Radio Show Tuesday morning, May 26th along with Pete Correalle and Bob Zany. This will be Dan’s first appearance on the program.

Whitehurst is a retired veteran member of the Armed Robbery unit with Nashville’s Metropolitan Police Department, where comedy became a tool to ease volatile situations as well as stress relief for co-workers and crime victims. Dan began hitting open mics in and around Nashville in the fall of 1998. Unsure how the police department would react, he did the prudent thing and didn’t tell them. By 1999, he had won the KDF Talent Search and the local news agencies began reporting on the detective with the unusual side job.

Jay Leno, Dan Whitehurst
Jay Leno, Dan Whitehurst
With the police departments blessings, Dan continued to juggle both jobs, traveling and performing on his days off. In February 2001, Dan competed in front of 750 people to win the title “World’s Funniest Cop” at the ASLET World Police Championships in Orlando, Florida. The competition was hosted by Jay Leno who said, “Anyone can write fart jokes, but you have some really smart material.”

As Dan continued to tour, he became known around the country as a funny cop, but it wasn’t all fun and games when he was on duty. In December of 2002, Dan was named the Metro Nashville Investigator of the year for his part in the investigation of a serial robber/rapist described by the Tennessean as “one of Nashville’s most brazen armed robbers.”

In May of 2005, Dan left the police department and began traveling as a full time comedian. Dan’s laid back style, intelligent, unique material and thick southern drawl had the same effect on audiences as it had on co-workers all those years.. and he began building a fan base everywhere he traveled.

These days when Dan has time off from the road, instead of chasing perps down lower Broadway he prefers to spend time chasing his dog around his beautiful cabin in the woods.. but sometimes he’ll drive in to town to stop in at Zanies or one of the Nashville open mic’s where he got his start.

Tune in to hear Dan Tuesday morning, May 26th on The Bob and Tom Radio Show! Visit for affiliates, or listen live online at

If you’d like to see Dan perform live, he’ll be working this week at Zanies with Andy Dick, star of the stage and screen, and will be back at Zanies the following Wed/Thurs to open for Janet Williams and Lahna Turner.

See Dan’s new website, for his full touring schedule, blog and more.