“Santa Forgot My Coal” song / video

Merry Holiday Times! Here’s Michael Hampton, Sean Parrott & Brad Edwards‘ funny “Santa Forgot My Coal” song / video. In this exciting episode, three friends band together to find a way to not freeze to death in their non-heated home!!! Enjoy!

I broke my bat on Johnnys head
I kept on swinging til he was dead
I threw a full bag of kittens
Down the wishing well
It’s freezing in here
And I’ve been naughty as hell but

Santa Claus Forgot my Coal
Santa Claus Forgot my Coal Baby

I’ve been lying and cheating
and robbing and beating
And facebook deleting
all the people I’ve been meeting
I set fire to a cretin
I put my thumb in Michael Keaton
I’m not planning on retreating
Cus my house it needs some heating but

Santa Claus forgot my Coal
Santa Claus forgot my Coal Baby

I shook hands with ISIS
Gave them a dirty bomb
I’m friends with Ferguson PD
And I love their moms
I became a Republican
And Scientologist
We’re in every naughty group that exist

Saw an Elf on the Shelf
And I knocked it off
Told my kids Santa’s real
When I know he’s not
I killed my wife…

Santa Claus forgot my Coal
Santa Claus forgot my Coal Baby
Santa Claus forgot my Coal
Santa Claus forgot my Coal Baby

Sean Parrott’s “Summertime (Featuring Swagnum P.I.)” video is the greatest thing on the Internet

Sean Parrott, July 2014
Sean Parrott, July 2014

Nashville-based comedian & musician Sean Parrott is so incredibly funny and talented and wonderful, it’s just ridiculous. His new album “THE DTH OVE LOF” is a perfect example of that. Also, the video for “Summertime (Featuring Swagnum P.I.)” is (without question) the greatest thing on the internet. Stop everything and watch the video right now:

Sean Parrott: THE DTH OVE LOF album cover
Sean Parrott: THE DTH OVE LOF album cover

THE DTH OVE LOF” is a fun and funny indie pop concept album about love, loss, and a battle to save the Earth! The album is available now on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes and all of the other places, too. Buy it now OR, register to win a FREE copy of it right here! (Well, at the bottom of this post, actually.)

Parrott has previously released “Songs About Sad Stuff And Snacks” in December 2012, and several tracks throughout 2013, but this new album is more of a follow-up to his 2010 “Infinite Superdoom” release as “The Dead Dead.”

Parrot’s 2010 release – “The Dead Dead: Infinite Superdoom”

THE DTH OVE LOF” cover art (by Nashville-based comedian / artist Bryce Damuth) shares the same color scheme as The Dead Dead album and the same sword. Sean says he conceived the new album, “..as part of a continuing story. Infinite Superdoom is about two dudes kinda wandering and battling and THE DTH OVE LOF happens after (or before) that (they have a time machine.) I’m not really sure what happened in between…or what the next album will be about (maybe more time travel stuff?).”

Watching the video for “Summertime” feels like traveling back in time to the glory days of super fun music videos. Sean says Director David Shamban “was really into the doll idea and said it was going to be awesome so I let him go buckwild. And, based on the reactions, it seems to have turned out well.”

Shamban says, “Sean’s song pretty much takes the objectification of women to a new level and what better way to express that than with actual objects. It was a tough task envisioning a video for Sean’s heartfelt ballad of breast awareness. I didn’t want to be heavy handed with the message. I came up with the concept to show characters behaving very badly in a spring break type scenario through the medium of Barbie scale dolls. I think that was good choice considering Barbie dolls anatomy are totally fucked. My motto for the video was ‘Make sure your attention deficited inner 14 year old is happy with this.’ I wanted to make a video that a modern feminist could watch and say “Hey, that’s pretty disgusting, good job!” Seeing as my girlfriend doesn’t hate me after making this video, I must have done something right.”

Within one week of being posted on Sean Parrott’s YouTube channel, the video had over 5000 views. “I’m trying to figure out which song to make a video of next,” Sean says. “But most of the others aren’t as specifically jokey. The problem is trying to scrape money together to pay someone to make another video that looks good.”

Help fund more creativity from Mr. Parrott by buying “THE DTH OVE LOF” on BandCamp or iTunes. Broke? You can register to win a FREE cd from Sean right here. Before you do that, don’t forget to follow Sean Parrott on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

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Nate Bargatze’s 2nd Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance – Nov. 8, 2013

Nashville’s own Nate Bargatze made his second Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance, along with guests Natalie Portman and Taye Diggs. While intro’ing Nate, Jimmy Fallon revealed that Nate’s June 13th appearance on Late Night went so well that NBC signed him to a development deal! Here’s video of Nate’s set:

Follow Nate online:

Here’s some images from Nate’s appearance:

Baron Vaughn at Mikey’s 10/27/2013

Mikey’s Comedy Night at SmackDab Media and NashvilleStandUp.com proudly presents Baron Vaughn LIVE at Mikey’s, Sunday October 27, 2013 at 7:30pm.

Baron Vaughn BARON VAUGHN recently released his first comedy recording, Raised By Cable, produced by AST Records, available at Amazon (mp3 and CD), and iTunes. Baron’s performed stand-up on Conan (twice), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (below) and has had numerous appearances on Comedy Central most recently in the form of his own “Half Hour” comedy special. He’s performed in the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival (Aspen), The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (Montreal), The South Beach Comedy Festival (Miami), Moontower Comedy Festival (Austin), San Francisco Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland), Vancouver Comedy Festival, All Points West Music Festival (New Jersey), FYF Music Festival (Los Angeles), Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival (TN), and Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival (Seattle). He has also appeared in many shows on VH1, MTV, FUSE as well as the films Black Dynamite, Cloverfield, The Other Guys (Deleted Scenes), and was a series regular on USA’s recently canceled Fairly Legal (2010-2012).


Baron Vaughn at Mikey’s
Sunday October 27, 2013 – doors open: 6:30, showtime: 7:30pm

BYOB. $5 cover. Tickets available online or at the door.

(Facebook event)

Mikey’s @ Smack Dab Media
1033 3rd Ave South, Nashville, TN 37210

Stalk Baron online:

Help Bring Tig Notaro To Nashville

Tig Notaro will be filming a documentary for Showtime in which she tours the nation performing in unusual venues – people’s living rooms, basements, rooftops, or wherever. To invite Tig to perform in your yard, go to tigroadtrip.com and submit some infos for your chance to win. Here’s a video from Tig:

Nashville’s Corporate Juggernaut kids have filmed a video asking Tig to come to Nashville for a show. Watch & share this video to help convince her that Nashville is exactly as cool as it looks on that ABC sitcom!

Click here to tweet this video: http://clicktotweet.com/5Lcrf

Help out now and we’ll make sure to invite you to the party later! Meredith is making cupcakes, you for real don’t want to miss this rager!