Win a FREE copy of Keith Alberstadt: “It’s Pronounced ‘Jenkins'”

Growing up the youngest in a big Catholic family in Nashville, Keith Alberstadt quickly developed a sarcastic tongue as a convenient way to get attention.  He delivers that wit on a nightly basis to comedy club, corporate, and college audiences nationwide.  Alberstadt is regarded by both peers and fans as a one-of-a-kind performer with a very clever writing style.  He has been featured on the Late Show with David Letterman and is a contributing writer to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.  His new CD “It’s Pronounced ‘Jenkins’” showcases his humor on everything from naming babies and tolerating meatheads to ruining dates and embarrassing nail salon customers.

Keith says, “The CD, “It’s Pronounced ‘Jenkins'” was a blast to put together!  Not only does it capture a great night of comedy, but it also features four bonus tracks from shows I did overseas for the troops.  I have always said that performing for the troops was the greatest experience of my career, and I’m thrilled that I’m finally able to share parts of those shows with you.”

Here’s the clip of Keith’s appearance on Late Show with David Letterman:

NashvilleStandUp was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the cd and we’re happy to say Keith has once again made us proud to know him.  “It’s Pronounced ‘Jenkins’” is consistently funny. The performance is a tight set of high quality, well crafted jokes delivered by a seasoned professional. Alberstadt is easily the most disciplined, hard working comic I’ve ever met. Over the last ten years I’ve marveled at the quality of new, evergreen material he generates. That steadfast dedication to his craft is evident in every track.

The four bonus tracks recorded live while Keith was entertaining the troops in Iraq and throughout the Middle East are very entertaining. It’s interesting to hear his material customized for such a specific audience. His stories about performing in a war zone are funny and fascinating to civilians who may not understand some specific military references – but the reaction from those troops demonstrates how well Keith connects with audiences.. even in troubled war zones.

It’s a fantastic cd, beginning to end. Longtime fans of Alberstadt won’t be disappointed and comedy fans new to Keith will no doubt become fans after a listen.

“It’s Pronounced ‘Jenkins'” is now available on Rooftop Comedy, where you can purchase a physical copy or download it on iTunes. It’s the perfect holiday gift, especially for anyone you may know serving in uniform.

Nashville area fans are in luck!

Keith is performing at the Roxy Theater in Clarksville – headlining the  “Comedy on the Cumberland” show benefitting the Humane Society. It’s a fantastic cause and an incredible line-up of comedians: Keith, Dan Whitehurst, X-Man and Hank Bonecutter. If you’re in the area, don’t miss it.

The rest of the week, Keith is at Zanies Comedy Showplace in Nashville – headlining Wednesday and Thursday nights and opening for Jim Breuer Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Get your tickets now.

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    Win a free copy of “The Dead Dead: Infinite Superdoom”

    "The Dead Dead: Infinite Superdoom" is available now

    Like most great Metal bands, The Dead Dead was formed when two Nashville comics, Sean Parrott and a mysterious collaborator, moved into a duplex. (Duplexes are SO METAL!) Inspired by the prospect of riches, fame, and trashy women, they decided to record a heavy metal concept album telling the tale of two men’s trek to hold the unimaginable power of the black sword, Infinite Superdoom. A year and a half later, that album was born, with a totally evil cover by Todd Evans at Silverface Designs.

    Unfortunately, two months ago, tragedy struck the band when the mysterious collaborator was killed by Satan. According to a letter left by Satan, attached by a pitchfork to the duplex’s front door, he had to die because The Dead Dead had “become too evil.” Despite this loss, Sean Parrott has decided to continue the proud tradition of The Dead Dead, bringing heavy metal joy to the hearts of anyone with enough money to afford him and enough women to sate him.

    The Dead Dead will be playing on September 6th at 6:30 PM at the open lot near Bongo Java – 107 S. 11th Street, East Nashville. Infinite Superdoom is available at shows for only 5 Dollars. It is also on iTunes and CDBABY.

    The Dead Dead rock outFor more infos:

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      The Jawbone Stimulus Funny Video Contest

      N’Sup got an email the other day from Michael Williams of Jawbone:

      I’m a big comedy fan and used to go to shows all the time when I was at Vanderbilt. Since graduating, I’ve moved out west working for a start up called Jawbone.

      Last week we launched a $10,000 grand prize ‘Funny Video’ contest and I’m reaching out to a few of the comedy blogs I follow. If you know of anyone in the Nashville comedy network who likes creating videos and would want to participate in a user generated video, then please please spread the word. We’re only expecting a little over 100 entries so chances of winning 10K or other cash prizes is pretty high (let alone a good portfolio building exercise).

      Submission window closes June 1st

      I’m a huge fan of giving comics a vehicle to express themselves + win some cash… my bro used to be a comic as well (and also went to Vandy).

      The contest should be fun–please feel free to use Twitter/FB/ etc. and hopefully someone from NashVegas wins the prize. J

      So, start being funny and catch it on tape. When you win the big prize, don’t forget to tip your web staff.

      TONIGHT! D.L. Hughley, ‘Ultimate Comedy’, ‘The I Have No Friends Comedy Contest’

      Tonight there are several fantastic choices for hilarious comedy in Nashville:

      20090925_ultimatecomedyULTIMATE COMEDY!

      Featuring Stand-up, Sketches, and a LIVE LIVE performance by Heavy Metal Comedy Duo: THE DEAD DEAD! TICKETS ARE ONLY 5 BUCKS!
      (link to the facebook event)

      20090925_NOfriendsThe I Have No Friends Comedy Contest

      Open mic stand-up comedy contest. $50 to the winner (as decided by the audience). Be there at 8:30 to sign up, show starts at 9. Everybody gets 5 minutes. Hosted by America’s Favorite Comedian Of All Time, Chad Riden.
      (link to the facebook event)

      dl_hughleyZanies presents.. D. L. Hughley

      One of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians on the road today has also made quite an impression in the feature film and television arena, but it was ‘The Original Kings Of Comedy’ that launched D.L. into superstardom. D.L. recently premiered a one-hour comedy special for HBO entitled “Unapologetic.”
      (link to the event on Zanies site)

      Here is a clip of D.L. from “Def Comedy Jam” –