4/25: Louisville, KY: Comedians of Comedy

Comedians of Comedy TourIf you have a car that can make the trip.. start driving to Louisville, KY NOW and you’ll be sure to get there in time for the Comedians of Comedy Tour. Quit your job, call in dead.. whatever it takes. Buy your tickets in advance, mind you.. but don’t miss it: Headliners Music Hall in Louisville KY. Tuesday, April 25th at 9pm (Eastern).
Seriously, a bunch of Nashville comics carpool’ed to Atlanta to see the live show and were NOT disappointed. Neither was anyone else.. by popular demand, Patton released a limited run EP of the very funny, very drunken end of the show which he called, “Patton Vs. Alcohol Vs. Zach Vs. Patton“.
What I’m saying is: You’re a fool if you miss this show. Tell ’em NashvilleStandUp.com sent ya. They won’t give a crap, but tell ’em anyway!
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4/22: Ralphie May Comedy Central Taping (Knoxville, TN)

Ralphie May - Sat. April 22 - Tennessee Theatre - KnoxvilleRalphie was at Zanies in Nashville (or “Comedy City”, as our town is affectionately referred to by Nobody) earlier this month.. and if you saw any of those shows, you know how funny that guy is. If you didn’t get a chance to see Ralphie & friends then.. I’ve got news for you: Ralphie May is taping two different shows this weekend in Knoxville at the Tennessee Theatre for Comedy Central along with Lahna Turner and Nashville’s own Billy Wayne Davis.

This is huge.. I believe this is the first time Comedy Central has filmed two separate specials from one comedian in the same night. He’s not filming the same show in front of two audiences.. it’s totally different material. (That’s an impressive amount of funny ha-ha’s. I’ve been doing stand-up for over five and a half years, and I think I’ve written approximately two and a half jokes. Imagine cranking out TWO Comedy Central specials in one night!)

If you want tickets, order them now! Knoxville loves Ralphie and they will pack that theater both times without any problem. Get your tickets in advance by clicking here.

Tell ’em NashvilleStandUp.com sent ya. They won’t give a crap, but tell ’em anyway!

Ralphie May – Sat. April 22 – Tennessee Theatre – Knoxville @ 7pm & 9:30pm

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Sad? Lonely? Nothing to do on a Friday night?
Then why not make yourself feel worse by watching four comedians having
a good time on Comedy Central’s dollar?
The COMEDIANS of COMEDY, a weekly show about comedians on the road and onstage, premiers TONIGHT – Friday, November 11th at 10pm (Central) on Comedy Central. Starring: Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford and Zach Galifiankis.. featuring Baltimore, NYC, Boston and Philadelphia! With a special guest appearance by Martha’s Vineyard! Inside information has it that they “will tickle their way into your laughing bone and hit it with the giggle stick of laugh-omedy!”
Seriously, a bunch of N’Sup’ers carpool’ed to Atlanta to see the live show and were NOT disappointed. You’re a fool if you miss it.

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