He Ain’t No Blue Collar Comedy Trash, He’s Fucking Billy Wayne Davis

TotallyCrushedOut has an interview with NashvilleStandUp alum Billy Wayne Davis. To introduce him, they say:

“Anybody that has been around the Seattle comedy scene knows the name Billy Wayne Davis. He’s a self-described hillbilly who has a distinctly intellectual aspect to his stand-up. His comedy is polished and smart. It is not what you (or Hollywood Agents) expect when you hear his distinct Southern accent. I’ve seen him perform numerous occasions and am always surprised at how well he handles himself and put hecklers in their place.”

B-dub talks about how he got into comedy, his worst day job ever, why he moved to Seattle, fighting the ‘stupid southern hick’ stereotype, and how he balances his life on the road with having a wife and a baby.

Read the whole interview at totallycrushedoutmag.com. If you visit Billy Wayne Davis’ website over at BillyWayneDavis.com, you can read about his current bus tour with Ralphie May:

This week I’m flying down to Sacramento on Thursday and doing the Crest Theatre with Ralphie May. Then, we hop on a tour bus up to Portland for a show on Friday at the Newmark. End up in Seattle at the Moore on Saturday and the Met in Spokane on Sunday…….I’ll be flip camming the whole trip and updating them on my YouTube page…….more to come.


We just learned that BW will appear in a documentary about Seattle comedy appropriately called “Seattle Komedy DokumentaЯy.” The first trailer was just released with this note from the producers: “In 2007, Seattle was at the epicenter of an amazing stand-up comedy movement. This documentary follows the very recent rise, fall and rebirth of the alternative comedy scene and proves that Seattle is many things, but one of those things is a place where great players get their start.”