sketch video: “Christmas Candle” from Seth Pomeroy & friends

"Christmas Candle" by Seth Pomeroy

Three friends hate Christmas so much they learn to love hating it.

Starring Carter Glascock, Josh Wagner, Seth Pomeroy, Jim Seward, Aaron Weber, Cortney Warner. Directed & Edited by Seth Pomeroy.

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kokil’s “THE CURSE OF THE BEAN PIE” short


Happy Halloween! From our good friend Michael Hampton’s kokil YouTube channel:

Welcome to the cosmic container:

Today we have a horror short film that was supposed to come out yesterday but I was sick and couldn’t finish! Oh well, it’s never too late to get scared right!? In this spooky installment we find out what happens when a disrespectful Archieoethnologist treds on sacred ground! What he discovers will change his life forever!!! This one is fully loaded will lessons so strap in and get ready for the FEAR!!!

Special thanks to Hail: Dark Aesthetic for letting us use their wonderfully scary space! And thanks to all my friends, Seth Pomeroy, Sean Parrott, Chad Riden, Gary Fletcher, and of course the one and only wickedly talented Brad Edwards!

Hope you’re all having fun out there, be well and stuff!

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