The Tennessean wrote about our Guinness World Record attempt

1/28/2015 Tennessean write-up of NashvilleStandUp's Guinness World Record attempt.

Thanks to Dave Paulson and The Tennessean for writing up our intention to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for “LONGEST STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW – MULTIPLE COMEDIANS” during the Wild West Comedy Festival in April. In todays paper, look for the Vandy-rape “GUILTY” headline, then flip to page 11A.

Thanks to everybody who has already donated to our IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign to help pay for the cost of the event! If you haven’t yet, there are a bunch of rewards including passes to the show, t-shirts, a limited edition Hatch Show Print & other wacky stuff. Buy up that stuff before it’s all gone, otherwise you’ll regret it forever and ever.

1/28/2015 Tennessean write-up of NashvilleStandUp's Guinness World Record attempt.

The Tracy Morgan debate continues..

BOY did Tracy Morgan stir up some controversy on June 3rd at the Ryman.. I’m sure you’ve heard. NashvilleStandUp’s Chad Riden (hey, that’s me!) has been very vocal about the situation.

I’ve been interviewed by The Tennessean (who just had to copy and paste my email but STILL spelled my name wrong. Way to go, lamestream media.*), US Weekly and NewsChannel5.

You can read my initial reaction to the controversy here on N’Sup.. and NewsChannel5 (CBS) here in Nashville will air part of an interview we shot today on their 6pm newscast tonight (Tuesday, 6/14).

THEN, I’ll be at Zanies telling jokes / crazy stories about Tracy Morgan during my set on the 6/14 N’Sup Showcase (doors @ 6:30, show @ 7:30 – $5). NewsChannel5 will probably come out and tape some of that show tonight and might interview people about their reactions to what has been going on.

Wednesday, I’ll be on NC5+’s “OpenLine” show debating the issue from 7-8pm.

UPDATE: here’s the link to the transcript of the package that aired on NewsChannel5’s 6pm show and here’s the video:

* Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn’t always translate in print. Imagine me saying that while doing an impression of Tina Fey doing an impression of Sarah Palin.

Tennessean: “Musicians rock comedy: Flight of the Conchords, others use music to get laughs” Misses The Local Angle

Today The Tennessean‘s Dave Paulson wrote about Friday’s sold out Flight Of The Conchords show at The Ryman, mentioning Spinal Tap, The Doyle and Debbie Show, Doug Stanhope & The Mattoid (who are at the Exit/In Friday night) and a few Nashville-based funny musicians as well. Read the whole article over at The Tennessean.

It’s an okay write-up, but only okay. Dave could have looked deeper than Nashville’s “funny musicians” to find his local angle. For example..

Lahna Turner
Lahna Turner
Lahna Turner is a very funny lady who now calls both Nashville and Los Angeles home. She is a fantastic stand-up comic with a sick sense of humor and a knack for writing killer funny songs. She has appeared on NBC, Comedy Central and VH1 and has toured the world.

Occasionally, Lahna produces “The Music City Comedy Show” at Zanies Comedy Showplace – a night of funny people who have music in their comedy acts. In the past, the lineups have included Rik Roberts, Steve Goodie, Wynn Reichert, Sean Parrott, Bucky Habanero, and Shantel Adams.

Rik Roberts
Rik Roberts
Rik Roberts is a Nashville-based comic who performs hilarious “super-clean” comedy delivered with a little Southern flavor. His act is largely rapid-fire, family friendly stand-up comedy plus some original comedy songs and a little bit of improvisation. Rik has performed at clubs and colleges across the nation, works many corporate events, and also teaches stand-up comedy classes. Rik regularly hosts showcases of his graduating students and headlines at Zanies.

Steve Goodie
Steve Goodie
Dr. Demento has called Nashville’s Steve Goodie, “One of our most talented 21st-century parodists.” Steve has also appeared on many other radio programs around the nation, including The Howard Stern Show, and The Bob And Tom Show. Every Sunday at 8pm, Steve hosts the show at The Bluebird Cafe, emceeing this renowned evening of songs, keeping it moving along with his nutty witticisms.. and he performs his hilarious songs around Nashville and on the road regularly.

Wynn Reichert uses a tongue-in-cheek delivery to belt out tunes like, “I Need To Get Laid,” and audience favorite, “Sometimes I Wish I was Black.” Wynn is originally from California, lives in Nashville and tours internationally.

Sean Parrott
Sean Parrott
Sean Parrott has been bringing his charismatic stage presence and a unique point of view to comedy clubs and bars all over the Southeast since 2006. Brought up on Bugs Bunny and Monty Python, Sean is an observational absurdist with a keen eye for finding the humor in everyday life. He was recently a Finalist in the Reader’s Digest Nashville’s Funniest Comic Competition and did voice over work for an animated film, “Back to Life, ” that was featured on the Independent Film Chanel. Sean is also half of musical comedy duo, “The Dead Dead” which has been featured on the hilarious “Mangy Dog Whoop Dee Doo” (visit The Dead Dead online at MySpace & FunnyOrDie). Sean performs regularly at Zanies, is actively involved in the DIY comedy shows around town, and will be featured at the upcoming Mangy Dog LIVE show April 18th at 10pm at the Improv Nashville Comedy Theater.

Mangy Dog Live! 2009.04.18Speaking of the Mangy Dog Whoop Dee Doo, this Nashville-based podcast consistently features funny songs and parodies and whatnot produced by local professional funny people Jesse Perry, Mark Anundson, the previously mentioned Sean Parrott, Damian Anaya, Brad Edwards and more..

Mark Anundson
Mark Anundson
Mark Anundson is especially prolific. Not only is he the “Fungenieer” for the Mangy Dog Whoop Dee Doo, but he also hosts WRVU’s wildly popular “Get Up, Stand Up” radio show every Tuesday morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on 91.1 FM & archived online in the horrible RealPlayer format. He also produces hilarious songs for his own funny podcast, Happy For Apathy and has released a cd of his musical fun. He recently headlined the Sunday Stand-up Showcase Showdown And Stuff at the Improv Nashville Comedy Theater, improvising several funny songs on the spot using only his keyboard and his very funny brain.

This isn’t nearly a comprehensive list of ALL the musical comedy acts in Nashville.. but it’s a start. Keep an eye on the NashvilleStandUp calendar for upcoming shows featuring these very funny people.

N’Sup / LCS in The Tennessean

The lovely and talented Fiona Soltes interviewed our very own Chad Riden (NashvilleStandUp’s Chief Executive Moron In Charge Of Doing Stuff) for an article in this weekend’s “Arts & Entertainment” section about the upcoming “Last Comic Standing” show at TPAC. Read the full article at
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The Tennessean: Comedy Albums = $$$!

The Tennessean might* be a Nashville-riffic filthy gossip rag unworthy of anybody’s time or attention, but they’ve got a pretty good article about how insanely profitable stand-up comedy albums are for record companies. They tie it all in to Nashville very well, mentioning some of the comics signed to Nashville labels.. but do not mention or any comedians actually from Nashville.. so, come to think of it, they don’t really tie it in at all (filthy gossip rag!).

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