Moo’ves like Haggard (by Jon Reep & Zach Selwyn) video features Brian E. Kiley

still shot from the Mooves Like Haggard video

still shot from the Mooves Like Haggard videoA few weeks ago in March when Jon Reep, Zach Selwyn and Brian E. Kiley were doing a week at Zanies, the trio shot a music video for a parody to a Maroon 5 song. Here’s how they describe it:

This is a country spoof of the song “Moves like Jagger”. It’s called “Moo’ves like Haggard” and it’s about a chick who looks like Merle Haggard in a dress. We are in NO WAY making fun of Merle Haggard. We love him! He’s awesome! This is just about an imaginary chick who LOOKS like Merle Haggard. Written by Jon Reep & Zach Selwyn. Music by Toby Semain. Directed by Zach Selwyn. Edited by Jesse Selwyn. Chic played by Brian E. Kiley.

NashvilleStandUp asked Nashville’s own Brian E. Kiley how it happened and this is what he said:

“The two planned to shoot the video for the song in Nashville to take advantage of the country music scenery and themes. Originally Reep was set to play the part of the women himself. When he arrived in Nashville and realized he was working with me again, he instantly knew that casting a 300+ pound man as the woman would make the video that much funnier and he offered me the part. His description of the video was so hilarious that I didn’t even flinch at the idea of being seen in drag, doing some embarrassing things. It was one of those moments where the comedy overpowered the ego. The next two days were spent filming at Zanies and on Broadway in Downtown Nashville inspiring shock and awe in the passers by. The rest is comedy history!”

Here’s the video:

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