Corporate Juggernaut’s Open House at Mercy Lounge – Most Mondays

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This show is no more! The last one was Monday, June 2, 2014.]

Corporate Juggernaut: OPEN HOUSE

OPEN HOUSE is a comedy open mic for people who love comedy and openness. It will be a night of joy, tears and the occasional snort-laugh. So, come on down and watch some comedians tell funnies OR hop onstage and give it a try yourself. Who knows? You could be the next Bob Cosby!

The show is hosted by Gary Fletcher, and happens most Monday nights in the Mercy Lounge billiards room. Everyone gets 5 minutes to shine.

Sign up: 8:00PM | Show: 8:30PM
Absolutely Free!

Mercy Lounge
1 Cannery Row
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

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4 Replies to “Corporate Juggernaut’s Open House at Mercy Lounge – Most Mondays”

  1. is there an age limit on who can perform? I am 16 and i am seriously looking into comedy and would like some experience.

  2. JayC! Mercy Lounge serves booze & generally requires people to be 18+.. BUT if you show up with a parent or guardian or a fake ID (just kidding, but not really kidding at all but seriously don’t or do but don’t tell anyone but for real don’t) they might let you in. Give us your contact info thru our Contact Form and we can help you out.

  3. What is the policy on profanity here??? like as far as cussing goes…i have a potty mouth. 🙂

  4. Nobody cares. The only thing people REALLY find offensive is when you’re not being funny. I’d suggest going to hang out and watch and then plan on going up the next time you come. That way you can see what is generally expected of people. Hope to see you around town!

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