Doug Stanhope @ Exit/In (4/10)

Doug Stanhope @ Exit/In 2009.04.10

Tickets are selling fast for Doug Stanhope‘s one and only stop in Nashville this year (April 10th at Exit/In with The Mattoid and Chad Riden). This will sell out, so buy your tickets now while you still can. The Facebook event is here.

Stanhope’s material ranges from true-life graphic perversion to volatile social criticism. Doug is vulgar, opinionated, brutally honest and shockingly uninhibited and is certainly not for everybody. He started his career in Las Vegas doing jack-off jokes for free drinks. Not much has changed, save for the mullet.

Here is a short video from Doug’s “Deadbeat Hero” dvd:

A few reviews:
“Ask anyone whose opinion matters, and they’ll tell you Doug Stanhope is one of the top ten stand-ups in the world today. Stanhope’s confrontational stance comes from the rough, blistered underbelly of America ‘s trailer parks; he’s a feral, aggressive man full fuelled by primal urges to drink, fight and screw -­ and the corrosive material has all the venomous aggression you might expect from that background. But what underlines it, and makes it so untouchably good, is the passion and conviction with which he holds his intelligent beliefs, informed by sensibilities that might seem alien to such a no-nonsense, pig-headed persona.” – Chortle, UK

“Stanhope shocks you with the virulence of his lucidity; he shocks you into realising how transparent the confidence trick of western propaganda can be made to seem. What he has in abundance is the charm, don’t-give-a-damn swagger and aggressive intelligence that make for important, exciting comedy.” – Guardian, UK

“Some of the sharpest and most biting cultural commentary you’ll see in a comedy club.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Let me tell you something, friends. Doug Stanhope is one funny sumbitch. He’s also one of the most twisted individuals I’ve ever met, but that’s part of his charm. He’s one of those comics that doesn’t make shit up. He lives a mad, mad life and what he remembers he reports back to us. He’s been known to bare his soul, and other things, right there on the stage. If you’re easily offended, stay home this week. Watch Matlock or something. But if you like your comedy rough, raw, and rowdy, there’s no one better than Doug Stanhope. Have I made myself clear?” – The Austin Chronicle

“Sharp, off color, and howlingly funny” – The San Francisco Chronicle

“Stanhope breaks down the walls of decency. He uses profanity, but nothing he says is meant to shock. Everything he says is designed to make the audience laugh. Stanhope has worked his way to become one of the best comics around” – The Reno Gazette Journal

Get more infos about Doug at:

THE MATTOID: An ever roving cast but one solid constant, the Mattoid (Ville Kiviniemi) hails from the cold morelle land of Finland. After traveling the countries of Western Europe, Mexico, Thailand, India, and Egypt the Mattoid decided to spread his message amongst his fine American friends. A few years back he resides amongst the Anti-folk presence ala NYC, has had stints in Reno, San Francisco and Phoenix. Now resides in Nashville, (Jiaaaaaa!) Tennessee. Who knows where next! GLORY HOLY THE EP IS NOW AVAILABLE!

CHAD RIDEN: has been described as “a comedian, a family man, a computer dork and a smart-ass.” He has also been called “America’s Favorite Comedian Of All Time,” a “Legendary Old School Rapper,” a “Moronic, Lying Jackass,” and “The Hardest Working Man In No Business.”

As early as the age of 8, Chad would sneak out of bed to watch David Letterman, thinking “THAT’S what I want to do.” In college Riden majored in Broadcasting, as “Jackassery” was not an option. Amazingly, Chad graduated and began working in local radio and television.. but was fired from nearly every job for being a smart-ass. Eventually, he began to realize that he needed to find work where this kind of behavior was appreciated and decided to embrace poverty and pursue comedy. He currently tours the nation using his smart-ass super powers for good, not evil.

Doug Stanhope, The Mattoid, Chad Riden
9pm, April 10th, 2009
2208 Elliston Place
Nashville, TN 37203

$20 –
tickets are on sale now

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