Flight Of The Conchords Surprise Show @ Zanies (4/4)

2009.04.04 flight of the conchords @ Zanies

Breaking news!

Before launching their sold out tour in Florida next week, Flight Of The Conchords showed up at Zanies in Nashville to put on a surprise show. More information as it becomes available.

“They went on around 10:45 after Mitch Fatel finished up his show,” says Nashville-based comic Brian Bates. “After Mitch was done, the emcee said ‘folks stick around, the show is not over. We’ve got a surprise guest that has dropped in. If any of you need to go, the wait staff will bring your checks. But if not, stick around.’ While they were setting up the equipment for Flight of the Conchords, the emcee drew names out of a milk crate to see who wins Mitch Fatel CDs. Then he said ‘you’ve probably seen them on the HBO hit show Flight of the Conchords, give it up for Flight of the Conchords!’

They played four songs. All together they were probably on stage for about 15-20 minutes. I love Flight of the Conchords and have seen all their shows but I question how many of the audience members even knew who they were. They seemed to get a mixed response from the crowd.”

The Conchords will return to Nashville Friday, April 10th to play to a sold out show at The Ryman Auditorium.

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