Mikey’s Sunday Night Comedy

EDITOR’S NOTE: this show has moved! Mikey’s ran from 8/4/2013 – 12/1/2013, but it’s now SPiFFY SQUiRREL Comedy Night at The East Room!

Mikey’s Sunday Night Comedy

Nashville’s only truly independent, underground professional weekly alt comedy show. HIGH QUALITY stand-up comedy EVERY Sunday night! BYOB. $5 cover.

8/4/2013 7:30pm: Monty Mitchell w/ Trey McClarnon, Paulina Combow, DJ Buckley, Brad Hinderliter, Brett Cantrell, Josh Wagner, Chad Riden

8/11/2013 7:30pm: Ron Placone w/ Gary Fletcher, Amy Miller, Sean Parrott, Mary Jay Berger

8/18/2013 7:30pm: Brad Edwards w/ Joshua Branham, Ryan Tumbleson, Michael Hampton, Justin Harris, Julia Luce, Chad RIden

8/19/2013 10pm: SPECIAL LATE NIGHT MONDAY SHOW: Billy Wayne Davis w/ Erin Lennox, Ron Placone, Chad Riden

8/25/2013 7:30pm: Renard Hirsch w/ Carlie & Doni, Will Copeland, Orlando Pisegna, Trey McClarnon, Drew Shannon, Chad Riden

9/1/2013 7:30pm: Sean Parrott w/ Nate Bargatze, Jessica Watkins, Joel Byars, Derek Bennett, Josh Inocalla, Rob Haynes, Chad Riden

9/8/2013 7:30pm: Mark Anundson w/ Ben Bergman, Ben Sawyer, Daniel Carrillo, Will Copeland, Ja-Kay J Lamarr Matheny, Chad Riden

9/15/2013 7:30pm: Michael Brown w/ Christopher Rex, Grant Schinto, Paulina Combow, Josh Wagner, Mary Jay Berger

9/22/2013 7:30pm: Gary Fletcher w/ Michael Hampton, Mary Jay Berger, Ron Placone, Brad Hinderliter, Chad Riden

9/29/2013 7:30pm: Derek Sheen & friends: Angry Cuddles Tour w/ Bryan Cook, Heather Thomson, Chad Riden

10/5/2013 7:30pm: SPECIAL SAT CHICAGO SHOW: Andy Fleming, Jeff Steinbrunner, Candy Lawrence, David Drake, Stephanie Hasz, Mo Alexander

10/6/2013 7:30pm: Jonnie W & Brian Bates w/ Mark Anundson

10/13/2013 7:30pm: Matt Ward w/ Jay Kendrick, Sam Donnelly, Saurin Choksi, Dusty Slay, Chuck Anderson, Ron Placone, Chad Riden

10/20/2013 7:30pm: Brian Covington w/ Michael Harrison, Mark Viola, JC Ratliff, Jim Seward, Brett Cantrell, Chad Riden

10/27/2013 7:30pm: Baron Vaughn w/ Will Copeland, Sean Parrott, Trey McClarnon, Chad Riden

11/3/2013 7:30pm: Tim Northern w/ Paulina Combow, Drew Shannon, Josh Inocalla, Dallas Gambrel, Daniel Carrillo, Mary Jay Berger

11/10/2013 7:30pm: Brad Hinderliter w/ Sara Schaefer, Kendra Corrie, DJ Buckley, Julia Luce, Stephen Spinola, Monty Mitchell

11/17/2013 7:30pm: Carmen Morales w/ Ron Placone, Jeff Blank, Augusta Anderson, Matt Chadourne, Hunter Roberts, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden

11/21/2013 7:30pm: Mikey’s 3rd Thursday OPEN MIC Night

11/24/2013 7:30pm: Dave Ross w/ Chris Rex, Brandon Sams, Jessica Watkins, Chad Riden

12/1/2013 7:30pm: Jane Borden, Ron Placone, Chuck Anderson, Mary Jay Berger, Sean Parrott, David Dial, Chad Riden

12/8/2013 forward, the show became: SPiFFY SQUiRREL Comedy Night at The East Room!

Mikey’s @ SmackDab Media, LLC Film and Video
1033 3rd Ave South, Nashville, TN 37210
Every Sunday! doors open: 6:30pm, showtime: 7:30pm
BYOB! tickets: $5 in advance online or at the door
(Facebook event)


For Booking Inquiries, contact N’Sup

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