Revenge Of The NashvilleStandUp Podcast logoWe’ve resurrected the old NashvilleStandUp Podcast feed, errbody.

Originating in 2005, The NashvilleStandUp Podcast was one of the very first comedy podcasts around. We were doing this so early in the game that the domain “” was AVAILABLE for sale and purchased by’s Chad Riden for $8.

The N’Sup Podcast was, at the time, the ONLY comedy podcast in iTunes where a panel of comics sat around being jackasses, ripping on each other, playing clips from live shows, doing phone interviews with comedians.. and originated the now famous (and often imitated) Iron Comic comedy competition. A highlight of these old shows was a phoner from Patton Oswalt.

Many of the early episodes originally aired live as “The NashvilleStandUp Radio Show” on X-Radio in Nashville, Tennessee. A later GarageBand produced revival of the show was short lived, but set the stage for the sketch-based Mangy Dog Radio Hour Whoop Dee Doo, which continued for 49 episodes and spawned one Greatest Hits cd.

Today, if you search for the NashvilleStandUp Podcast in iTunes or at you’ll find all of those old episodes PLUS new video clips of individual sets from the last few N’Sup Showcase @ Zanies shows.

NashvilleStandUp will be adding more clips over time. Also, we’ll add the audio tracks from all of the old N’Sup cd’s produced at the Truth, Beauty & Goodness shows in Ashland City & some other old recordings we’ve got sitting around in the archives. We’ve got unlimited server space and bandwidth, so we can leave these things in that spot forever.. so, comics, if there is anything of yours you find that you DO NOT want online just let us know and we’ll take it down.

You should be able to download any/all of this content by subscribing in iTunes or by clicking the ‘download’ link on the website. For you weirdo anti-iTunes people, the RSS feed is here.

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