Wasted Life Tour 2014 @ SPiFFY SQUiRREL Comedy Show (The East Room) 10/26/2014

10/26/2014: “Wasted Life Tour 2014" John Gibson, Jenn Snyder, Joe Coughlin, Topher Riddle, Wayne Cousins at Spiffy Squirrel Comedy Show at The East Room. $5

“Wasted Life Tour 2014” featuring comics from Columbia, SC: John Gibson, Jenn Snyder, Joe Coughlin, Topher Riddle & Wayne Cousins from SodaCityStandUp.com

jenn snyderJenn Snyder @JesterJenn13
At 5’2, comedian Jenn Snyder packs a whole lot of funny in her one-two punch style of comedy. Topics ranging from her days growing up as a lesbian in a “good ol’ boy” town, to her dealing with the public on a daily basis, this comedian will pull you in with her stories and leave you wanting more with her quick wit and hilarious observations

john gibsonJohn Gibson @JGibson615
Originally born in Ohio, this transplanted southerner has a style all his own. His various observations about early morning television, sexual encounters, and stories of drunken outings, this comic will have you doubled over in laughter and begging for more.

joe coughlinJoe Coughlin @realjoecoughlin
They say good things come in small packages, but not when it come to Joe. At 6’4, this young comedian will have you rolling over with laughter. From his tales of drinking to his encounters with the opposite sex, this gentle giant will crush you with his wit, and win you with his charm.

topher riddleTopher Riddle @TopherRiddle
One of the most humble comics in the business, Topher brings his shy sensativity to the stage in a way that all of us can relate. His hilarious pop culture references and dealings with women will win over your hearts and fill you will laughter.

wayne cousinsWayne Cousins @cousinwayne
Native of Columbia, SC, Wayne Cousins has, in just a short time, made a name for himself in the Cola comedy scene. Always able to make fun of any situation, this comic is as observant as he is hilarious.

SPiFFY SQUiRREL is Nashville’s only truly independent, underground professional weekly alt comedy show. Featuring touring comedians from all corners of the earth, plus outstanding local regulars who are worth paying attention to. Sundays at 7:30pm at The East Room for just $5 cover. Produced and hosted by Nashville’s Chad Riden.

10/26/2014 7:30pm: “Wasted Life Tour 2014” John Gibson, Jenn Snyder, Joe Coughlin, Topher Riddle, Wayne Cousins:

7:00pm doors open
7:30pm show begins
7:31pm you’re late, dummy
9:00pm show is over

The East Room
2412 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, Tennessee 37206

TICKETS: $5 at the door or in advance online


For Booking Inquiries, contact N’Sup

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