Cody Marley’s “Comedy Night In America” videos survey Nashville’s comedy scene

Cody Marley
Cody Marley
Comedian and writer Cody Marley has been making people laugh — and occasionally, back away slowly — for two decades. A joke-writer for, among others, Jay Leno, Cody’s comedy has been featured in The New York Times, Time magazine and USA Today, prime-time and late night TV and has been broadcast in every major radio market in America.

As a stand-up, Cody is a favorite on the underground and alternative scene, mixing topical takes with bizarre observations that combine the pose of a hipster with the work ethic of a ranch hand — because Cody has been both. Long a “comic’s comic”, Cody has performed at the Bonnaroo Music Festival (or “that hippie thing,” as your grandmother calls it), and has worked with Mitch Hedberg, Brian Regan and Larry the Cable Guy, among many others.

If you caught a local comedy show in Nashville the week of March 4-10, 2012, you may have seen Cody on stage telling jokes and in the back of the room laughing and filming some video. Over the course of that week, he attempted to go to every comedy night in Nashville. He produced a series of corresponding shorts documenting the shows he visited and posted them online. NashvilleStandUp asked Mr. Marley why and this is what he said:

“I’m doing this because it’s fun. I started doing comedy in Nashville years ago and its growth interests me. I think it mirrors the city’s expansion and what’s going on in most other towns. Nashville has 10-12 comedy nights a week and, I’m guessing, a few hundred comics. I enjoy checking out the talent and the scene and staying connected. I travel a lot so I’ll probably do this in other towns. It’s not just in LA, Chicago or NYC anymore. With the Internet, like it has in music, I think you’re going to see a lot of garage band-like comics emerge, develop a following and make a solid living. Nashville? I expect somebody to bust out big here in the next 2 years. Who will it be? Let’s watch.”

Here are Cody’s videos:

March 4th: SmartyPants NerdCore Stand-Up Comedy Show at Steve’s (every Sunday)
“The first stop was tonight at Steve’s in East Nashville. Funny cats. Big fun.”

March 6th: Spanky’s & Bongo Java
“Tonight I hit Spanky’s (Antioch) and Bongo Java (Belmont). I went up
first at Spanky’s (8:30) and last at Bonjo Java (10:15). Both, a lot
of fun and both had about 15 comics apiece. Oh, except for me, all
different comics. They didn’t shuttle back and forth.”

March 7th: La Hacienda & Springwater
“Tonight I hit La Hacienda (Old Hickory) and the venerable Springwater
(Centennial Park). I went up first at La Hacienda (8:30) and at 10:40
at The Springwater. La Hacienda had about 8 comics and The
Springwater, a ton. Quite a hoot.”

March 8th: The Basement
“Tonight I hit The Basement and saw 2 music/comedy acts The Wolf
Sisters, The Gay Republicans and the comics of Corporate Juggernaut

March 9th: Kimbros
“Tonight I hit Kimbros in Franklin. 8-10 comics bringing the jest.”

March 10th: The Pond
“Tonight, I hit The Pond in Franklin. Watch and enjoy the magic.”

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