Nashville is flooded!

There’s absolutely nothing funny about the terrible weather and the flooding that has left so many people stranded and homeless.. except for these hilarious things.

First, Nashville CBS affiliate WTVF (NewsChannel5) weather guy Charlie Neese drew something interesting the other day to describe our flooding situation. video clips are all over the interweb:

There’s already a Facebook page dedicated to the Nashville Weather Penis.

Another Facebook page was created called I-survived-the-Great-Nashville-Monsoon-of-May-1st that has been a great source of information and photos and whatnot.. but I think it’s greatest achievement was this image uploaded by David E.:

Good work, everybody. I think we’re going to be O-K.

Seriously, if you have free time and want to help, visit Hands On Nashville at and volunteer – that’s the Mayor’s organization that will allow Metro Nashville to get reimbursed with Federal funds for every person who helps out.

Also, If you see Chad Riden driving around in a pickup with a chainsaw and a shovel, that may not have anything to do with the flooding situation.. that’s just what he does all day.

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