Perfect Timing comedy game show at Zanies 2/24

Perfect Timing at Zanies 2/24/2016

Perfect Timing is a monthly comedy game show that takes place on the last Wednesday of the month at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville. The show is anchored by host Ben Sawyer (@SawyerComedy), with co-hosting/music by Sean Parrott (@SeanParrott) and Gary Fletcher (@GaryisYou) of the Grey Grays. Combining elements of classic game shows with comedic and local content, the show pits three teams of two against each other to win prizes and glory in front of a live audience. Unlike most game shows, however, PT makes the audience members part of the show by offering them the chance to vote on round winners and answer questions on stage!

For February, we have comics Brian Covington & Monty Mitchell going up against two of Nashville’s mightiest fitness outfits- Krank Nashville and Crave: The Fitness Factory!

Doors Open at 6:30; show starts at 7:30. Advanced tickets can be purchased at or by calling Zanies’ Box Office at 615-269-0221. Tickets are $10.

More Information go to To keep up with us, follow Perfect timing on Twitter (@PTGameShow), or contact us at

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last month, Perfect Timing: A Live Comedy Game Show at Zanies Nashville was a blast. The comics (Joshua Wagner & Dusty Slay) were hilarious and Ben Sawyer did a great job hosting the thing, as always. The Grey Grays were fantastic — Sean Parrott & Gary Fletcher absolutely made the show, as far as I’m concerned. Their comments just killed me. SO FUN. Next one is tomorrow w/ Brian B Cov Covington & Monty Mitchell vs. some meat-heads from a gym somewhere. Don’t miss it.

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