Stewart Huff @ SPiFFY SQUiRREL Comedy Show (The East Room) 7/19/2015

Stewart Huff with Krish Mohan & Jim Seward at SPiFFY SQUiRREL comedy show at The East Room 7/19/2015.

Stewart Huff w/ Krish Mohan & Jim Seward

“Stewart may be one of the best comedy writers America has seen since Woody Allen. He is able to pull comedy from subjects that shouldn’t be able to illicit any more jokes.” – Darrin Hensley, Lexington Comedy Examiner

Stewart Huff was born in Campbellsville, Kentucky and grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has been performing comedy for over 15 years, beginning when he decided to drop out of college to become a writer. Currently touring theatres, comedy clubs and special events across the country, Huff reaches past the norm for his genuine — and genuinely unexpected — comedy. His knack for embracing the foibles of humanity and his refreshing originality make him as likeable as he is hilarious. A storyteller at heart, Huff continues to amaze with his clever material and personal wit.

Huff has performed in comedy clubs nationally and internationally, including the Improv in Los Angeles and New York, the Punchline in Atlanta and the Funny Bone in Omaha, as well as countless others.

Invited to perform in the HBO Las Vegas Festival, Huff’s act can be viewed on pay-per-view. He was also a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival in 2006. Look for him in the documentary Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages.

He currently lives near Athens, Georgia with his girlfriend. There, in his crooked farmhouse, he drops off the various items he collects while on the road, including an antique barber chair, countless vintage photographs, and an extensive collection of LP’s. She likes this.
Stewart Huff’s album on iTunes: “I Don’t Think I Believe Us”

7/19/2015 6:30pm: Stewart Huff w/ Krish Mohan & Jim Seward:

6:00pm doors open
6:30pm show begins
6:31pm you’re late, dummy
8:00pm show is over

The East Room
2412 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, Tennessee 37206

TICKETS: $5 at the door or in advance online


For Booking Inquiries, contact N’Sup

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