SUNDAY NIGHT STUPID live streaming comedy show – 4/3/2016 10pm Central

SUNDAY NIGHT STUPID with Chad Riden, Mary Jay Berger and Jesse Perry: the stupidest thing you can do with your Sunday night!

NashvilleStandUp’s SUNDAY NIGHT STUPID live streaming comedy show – Sunday 4/3/2016 10pm Central. Hosted by Chad Riden, Mary Jay Berger, Jesse Perry & probably a flying squirrel or two.

Streaming LIVE online on Nashville StandUp, YouTube &

Submit a video of your stand-up or sketch or whatever & we might play it. Skype in to tell jokes & riff live.. or just sit on your fat ass and watch.

TO WATCH: Use the YouTube or apps, or websites (go ahead and follow us now):

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Here’s a playlist of our past shows:

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