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Red State Update - How Freedom Sounds
Some 10 million people have logged online to watch their favorite Southern comedic political pundit wannabees, Red State Update, sound off on everything from politics to pop culture and now after all this waiting, the time has finally come. Yes, America, you’re in for a treat! Red State Update finally released their highly anticipated debut album, “How Freedom Sounds,” on Tuesday, July 22.
And they’re taking no prisoners, gunnin’ for Miley Cyrus who happened to be releasing her CD that very same day. “I tell you what, if we don’t outsell Miley Cyrus in the first week of sales, Jackie and I are retiring from Red State Update. We are outta here!” says Dunlap, the younger, fatter of the pair. “But don’t worry… that ain’t gonna happen. I mean really, think about it, what’s Miley Cyrus gonna sell… like a million tops? I think we can beat that, no problem.”
“How Freedom Sounds” features a blend of comedy skits about topics such as illegal immigration, yard sales and strippers, as well as a handful of quality musical recordings including such future hits as “Iraq (I Don’t Wanna Go),” the Bonnaroo-inspired “Get the Hell Out of My Store, Hippie,” and their moving anthem “Red State State Of Mind.”
Many of the themes featured on “How Freedom Sounds” should be familiar to their thousands of internet fans who have been following Red State Update since its inception in 2005 — that’s when Jackie and Dunlap first began their video blog to mouth off about politics and whatever else topped the headlines of the day. And it was just last summer when Red State Update got their big break during the nationally televised CNN/YouTube debates where they featured a video asking the candidates whether all the media attention on Al Gore “hurts y’all’s feelings?”
It was that wacky video which helped boost the Redneck duo’s popularity well beyond their loyal internet following and soon the mainstream media began knocking on their doors. Since then, they’ve been profiled by the Associated Press, appeared in USA Today and Newsweek, featured on the cover of the Nashville Scene and The Tennessean, and have made numerous pundit appearances on CNN.
But none of the accolades are a surprise to the confident (perhaps, overly so) pair when asked if they ever imagined being signed by a label, releasing a CD and receiving so much attention. “Oh, I figured this would all happen to me and Jackie, making a hit album and getting our rightful place on the world stage. I think we’ll do like 75-80 million in our first week of sales, easy,” says Dunlap, who dons his trademark American flag t-shirt over his abundant-sized belly. “I mean, after all, we are the
salvation of the failing music business.”
“Oh shut up,” responds Jackie, the older curmudgeon of the two. “Why do you have to go and say something stupid like that? I’m just happy that we recorded a good quality album that will stand the test of time, that people can listen to while they’re doing chores around the house… or hell, they can just play us in their trucks while they’re out driving around.”
Speaking of trucks, Dualtone Music Group is giving Red State Update fans a chance to win a Chevy truck… and not just any truck! Dualtone is giving away Jackie’s 1982 white Chevy Scottsdale pick-up truck to a very lucky winner; and to see more details about the contest click here:
For more information about Red State Update and their new CD, “How Freedom
Sounds,” which hit stores July 22nd, please visit:
And make sure to watch for Red State Update on the campaign trail as they
make featured appearances on TV, radio and the web throughout the rest of
the year leading up to the presidential election.



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