SPiFFY SQUiRREL comedy show – Sundays @ The East Room

Spiffy Squirrel stand-up comedy show 6:30pm Sundays at The East Room

Spiffy Squirrel stand-up comedy show 6:30pm Sundays at The East Room

SPiFFY SQUiRREL is an independent, underground professional weekly alt comedy show in Nashville featuring touring comedians from all corners of the earth, plus outstanding local regulars who are worth paying attention to. Sundays at 6:30pm at The East Room. Produced and hosted by Chad Riden

6:00pm doors open
6:30pm show begins
6:31pm you’re late, dummy

The East Room
2412 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, Tennessee 37206

TICKETS: $10 at the door or $8 in advance online. $15 VIP seating also available.


For Booking Inquiries, contact N’Sup

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Past performers:

4/24/2016 6:30pm: Valerie Tosi w/ Shane Torres, Katherine Jessup, Hannah Hogan, Chad Riden
4/17/2016 6:30pm: Emily Fleming, Zach Pugh, Lauren Rantala, Juice Morgan, Julia Loken, Jon Durnell, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
4/10/2016 6:30pm: Mo Alexander w/ Brad Edwards, Brad Sativa & Joe Kelley
4/3/2016 6:30pm: Derek Sheen, Sean Parrott, Will Neville, Josh Wagner, Chad Riden
3/27/2016 6:30pm: “Good Times Comedy Tour” – Joe Shelby, Dave Yates, Billy Devore w/ Joe Kelley
3/20/2016 6:30pm: Terry Tee w/ Nate Bargatze, Clifton Freeman Cash, Narado Moore, Stephen Spinola, Carter Glascock, Evan Jones, Tim Watters as Donald Trump, Chad Riden
3/13/2016 6:30pm: David Britton w/ Jesse Bush, Blayr Nias, Mary Jay Berger
3/6/2016 6:30pm: The March Of The Gibby Tour – Darik Santos, Brian Barganier & Colin Cook w/ Omar Shaukat, Martin Wright, Chad Riden
2/28/2016 6:30pm: Brad Sativa w/ Narado Moore, Joe Kelley, Mikee Steinberg, Josh Wagner, Nick Alexander, Chad Riden
2/21/2016 6:30pm: Will Copeland & Ismael Loutfi w/ Samm Severin, Josh Wagner, Chad Riden
2/14/2016 6:30pm: Jim Seward w/ Dave Ross, Jesse Case, Derik Zooashkiyani, Jordan Jensen, Sean Parrott, Gary Fletcher, Chad Riden
2/7/2016 5:30pm: Hostile Talk Over SOOPA B0VVL show/party w/ Jon Burr, Chuck Anderson, Ben Sawyer, Carter Glascock, Sean Parrott, Joe Kelley, Brad Sativa, Mark Anundson, Cody Marley, Bryce Damuth, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
1/31/2016 6:30pm: Nashville StandUp SUPER FRIENDS: Josh Wagner, Bo Shuster, Brad Hinderliter, Sean Parrott, Mary Jay Berger, Brett Brock, Alex Poloskey, Chad Riden
1/24/2016 6:30pm: Ashley Corby w/ Monty Mitchell, Ron Ron Moseley, Renard Hirsch, Peter Depp, Chad Riden
1/17/2016 6:30pm: Josh Lewis w/ Joe Kelley, Kate Spellman, Trae Primrose, Josh Wagner, Chad Riden
1/10/2016 6:30pm: Monty Mitchell w/ Josh Lewis, Krish Mohan, Joe Kelley, John Hickok, Brad Hinderliter, Aaron Weber, Chad Riden
1/3/2016 6:30pm: Tim Northern w/ Sam Donnelly, JC Rafliff, Ross Hamilton, Patrick Devine, Chad Riden
12/27/2015 6:30pm: KWANZAA SHOWCASE: Narado Moore, Jessica Watkins, Brad Hinderliter, Alex Kendig, Ross Hamilton, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
12/20/2015 6:30pm: The Soda City StandUp Tour: Jenn Snyder, John Gibson, Topher Riddle w/ Jordan Jensen, Chad Riden
12/13/2015 6:30pm: Max Fine w/ Will Newton, Carter Glascock, Trae Primrose, Will Copeland, Chad Riden
12/6/2015 6:30pm: Grand Ole 15th Annual Channiversary Showcase: Chad Riden, Joe Kelley, Jordan Jensen, Chuck Anderson, Mark Anundson, Gary Fletcher, Sean Parrott, Brad Hinderliter, Alex Poloskey, Brad Sativa, Ben Sawyer, Ashley Corby, DJ Buckley, Mary Jay Berger, Brad Edwards, Josh Lewis, Michael Hampton, Josh Wagner, Justin Smith, Carlos Valencia
11/29/2015 6:30pm: Comics Come Home Showcase: Chad Riden, Jim Seward, Ashley Corby, Danny Limor, Dan Whitehurst, Adam Bathe, Brian Bates, Johnny Wethington, Rick Wey, Joe Kelley, Monty Mitchell, Daniel Swinney, Josh Wagner, Mary Jay Berger, Nate Bargatze
11/22/2015 6:30pm: Shane Mauss: This Is Your Shane on Drugs w/ Tim Northern, Anthony Turner, Chad Riden
11/15/2015 6:30pm: Chad Riden w/ Jessica Watkins, Brad Hinderliter, Ben Sawyer, Mary Jay Berger
11/8/2015 6:30pm: Sumukh Torgalkar w/ Travis Jones, Bryce Damuth, Sean Parrott, Chad Riden
11/1/2015 6:30pm: Caleb Synan w/ Nate Bargatze, Brian Bates, Jordan Jensen, Patrick Devine, Chad Riden
10/25/2015 6:30pm: Mary Jay Berger w/ Joe Kelley, Hannah Pilkes, Brad Edwards, Mary Mack, Chad Riden
10/18/2015 6:30pm: Joe Kelley, Brent Schmidt, Brandon Ijames, Jamie Ward, Jennifer Lynch, Chad Riden
10/11/2015 6:30pm: Josh Wagner w/ Josh Lewis, Sean Parrott, Rob Speer, Christine Marie, Chad Riden
10/4/2015 6:30pm: Brad Sativa, Aaron Weber, Mark Anundson, Mary Jay Berger, Jacob Greco, Josh Wagner, Ashley Corby, Chad Riden
9/27/2015 6:30pm: The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour: JT Habersaat, Jay Whitecotton, Brian Zeolla w/ Josh Wagner, Chad Riden
9/20/2015 6:30pm: The Comedians of the Galaxy Tour: David Britton, Jonas Schrodt, Mat Alano Martin w/ Chad Riden
9/13/2015 6:30pm: Owen Straw w/ Seth Cockfield, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
9/6/2015 6:30pm: Jordan Jensen w/ Gary Fletcher, Josh Lewis, Bryce Peters, Mary Jay Berger, Zack Lyman, Josh Wagner, Chad Riden
8/30/2015 6:30pm: Dave Stone w/ James Austin Johnson, Donnie Pollard, Brett Schmidt, Brad Ellis, Pat Ryan, Chad Riden
8/23/2015 6:30pm: KOKIL LIVE – Michael Hampton, Brad Edwards, Gary Fletcher, Sean Parrott w/ Matt Barrentine, Chad Riden
8/16/2015 6:30pm: Brian Barganier, Mike Shustock, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
8/9/2015 6:30pm: Narado Moore w/ Jermaine Funnymaine Johnson, Tollie Jones, Mike McCall, Ben Sawyer, Chad Riden
8/2/2015 6:30pm: Ben Palmer, Nick Shaheen, Brad Edwards, Keith Bergman, Jordan Jensen, Dustin Meadows, Chad Riden
7/26/2015 6:30pm: Nick Alexander, Mary Jay Berger, Cameron Buchholtz, DJ Buckley, Mo Arora, Brad Sativa Ballard, Jim Seward, Chad Riden
7/19/2015 6:30pm: Stewart Huff w/ Nate Bargatze, Krish Mohan, Brian Bates, Jim Seward
7/12/2015 6:30pm: Ryan Singer w/ Alex Poloskey, Ryan Papazian, Chad Riden
7/5/2015 6:30pm: Billy Wayne Davis w/ Hailey Boyle, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
6/28/2015 6:30pm: Max Fine & Michael Rowland w/ Hailey Boyle, Will Copeland, Chad Riden
6/21/2015 6:30pm: Michael Albanese & Gilbert Lawand w/ Dan Weeks, Monty Mitchell, Charlie Vergos, Joe Fernandez, Jim Seward
6/14/2015 6:30pm: DJ Buckley w/ Joe Kelley, Brett Cantrell, Brad Hinderliter
6/7/2015 6:30pm: Raanan Hershberg w/ Eric Sorgel, Johnny Q. Amish, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
5/31/2015 6:30pm: Knock’em Dead Comedy Tour: Andrew Ouellette & Jake Daniels w/ Brad Hinderliter, Brett Cantrell, Hailey Boyle, Chad Riden
5/24/2015 6:30pm: McQueen Adams w/ Kyle Gregory Clark, Jon Durnell, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
5/17/2015 6:30pm: Second Shift Comedy Tour: Justin Golak & Laura Sanders w/ Daniel Swinney, Kate Spellman, Drew Tarvin, Chad Riden
5/10/2015 6:30pm: Three Nice Boys Comedy Tour: Joe McAdam, CJ Toledano, Charlie Bury, Josh Wagner, Ross Hamilton, Mary Jay Berger
5/3/2015 6:30pm: Matt Ruby w/ Carolyn Busa, Joe Kelley, Andre Churchwell, Mary Jay Berger, Richard Woody, Jordan Jensen, Chad Riden
4/26/2015 6:30pm: Ryan DeNisco w/ Narado Moore, Austin King, DJ Buckley, Timothy Gonzales, Chad Riden
4/12-20/2015 Broken Record Comedy Show – GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS breaking show: “LONGEST STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW – MULTIPLE COMEDIANS” – featuring hundreds of comics, including special celebrity guest sets from: Hannibal Buress, Al Jackson, Eric Andre, Rory Scovel, Nate Bargatze, Killer Beaz, Ahmed Ahmed, Billy Wayne Davis, Jon Reep, Keith Alberstadt & more. Co-hosted by Chad Riden and DJ Buckley.
4/5/2015 6:30pm: Rocky Dale Davis w/ Caleb Garrett, Dusty Slay, Monty Mitchell, Leslie Nash, Chad Riden
3/29/2015 6:30pm: Dave Waite w/ Blayr Nias, Ben Sawyer, Anthony Driver, Chad Riden
3/22/2015 6:30pm: The Best Buds of Comedy: Alex Stone, Sally Brooks, Mike Cronin, Sam Evans, and Cam O’Connor w/ Mary Jay Berger & Chad Riden
3/15/2015 6:30pm: Scott Eason w/ Sam Ashby, Tim Kelly, Jordan Jensen, The Daley Grimes (Jared Daley, James Grimes), Mary Jay Berger
3/8/2015 6:30pm: Jarrod Harris w/ Josh Wagner, Wix Wichmann, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
3/1/2015 6:30pm: Michael Hampton w/ Gary Fletcher, Carter Glascock, Kate Spellman, Chad Riden
2/22/2015 6:30pm:Tom Wisdom w/ Josh Wagner, Ross Hamilton, Ben Sawyer, Chad Riden
2/15/2015 6:30pm: Sean Parrott, Brad Edwards, Josh Lewis, Josh Wagner, Gary Fletcher, Mark Anundson
2/8/2015 6:30pm: Darik Santos w/ Jerry Morgan, Monty Mitchell, Jordan Jensen, Chad Riden
2/1/2015 6:30pm: Mat Alano-Martin w/ Mary Jay Berger, Kite Hale, Paulina Combow, Chad Riden
1/25/2015 6:30pm: Jake Head w/ Chris Ledford, Brett Cantrell, Narado, Chad Riden
1/18/2015 6:30pm: Gary Fletcher w/ Will Copeland, Josh Wagner, Mary Jay Berger, Sean Parrott, Jordan Jensen, Chad Riden
1/11/2015 6:30pm: Brad Edwards w/ Michael Hampton, Josh Lewis, DJ Buckley, Chad Riden
1/4/2015 6:30pm: Indie Bohemians Comedy Show / Benefit for Radio Free Nashville: Ron Placone w/ Paulina Combow, Josh Wagner, Charlie Vergos, Rob Haynes, Chad Riden
12/28/2014 7:30pm: Kwanzaa Showcase w/ Nate Bargatze, Kenny DeForest, Erin Lennox, Dusty Slay, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
12/21/2014 7:30pm: Mo Alexander w/ Richard Douglas Jones, Keith Alberstadt, Ben Sawyer, Kendra Corrie, Chad Riden
12/14/2014 7:30pm: Clockwork Comedy’s Patrick Cunningham, Terra Jeffrey & Nic Perez w/ Jonathan Craig, Chad Riden
12/7/2014 7:30pm: The Grand Ole 14th Annual Channiversary Showcase: Chad Riden, Mark Anundson, Joe Kelley, Dusty Slay, Josh Inocalla, Chuck Anderson, Mary Jay Berger, Brett Cantrell, Gary Fletcher, Bob Clark, Sean Parrott, Brad Hinderliter, Kate Spellman, DJ Buckley, Brad Edwards
11/30/2014: Comics Come Home Showcase: Sean Parrott, Ben Sawyer, DJ Buckley, Rob “Hotsauce” Haynes, Brett Cantrell, Daniel Swinney, Brian Bates, Chuck Anderson, Mary Jay Berger, Alex Kendig, Dan Whitehurst, Renard Hirsch
11/23/2014: Mike Speenberg w/ Mary Jay Berger, Jim Seward, Joe Kelley, Chad Riden
11/16/2014: Carlos Valencia w/ Julia Prescott, Mark Anundson, Jessica Watkins, Sean Parrott, Chad Riden
11/9/2014 7:30 pm: Bryan Cook w/ John-Michael Bond, Trevor Thorpe, Josh Di Donato, Josh Wagner, Alex Poloskey, Chad Riden
11/2/2014 7:30 pm: Altercation Punk Comedy Tour: JT Habersaat, Junior Stopka, Jay Whitecotton, Carlos Valencia, Ron Placone, Chad Riden
10/26/2014 7:30 pm: “Wasted Life Tour 2014” w/ Jenn Snyder, Topher Riddle, John Gibson, Wayne Cousins, Joe Coughlin, Chad Riden
10/19/2014 7:30 pm: Sam Tallent w/ Byron Graham, Marcus Oglesby, De’Mun Oakley, Chad Riden
10/12/2014 7:30 pm: Best Buds of Comedy 2014 Tour Alex Stone, Sally Brooks, Mike Cronin, Sam Evans, Cam O’Connor, Chad Riden
10/5/2014 7:30 pm: Dave Stone w/ Caleb Synan, Bob Clark, Meredith Fitzsimmons, Tylere Perron, Chad Riden
9/28/2014 7:30 pm: David Dial w/ DJ Buckley, Brett Cantrell, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
9/24/2014 7:30pm: SPECIAL WEDNESDAY SHOW – Geoff Tate, Sean Parrott, Chad Riden
9/21/2014 7:30pm: Tim Hofmann w/ Timmy Brochu, Jordan Hargis, Brian Bates, Kendra Corrie, Dusty Slay, Chad Riden
9/14/2014 7:30 pm: Stewart Huff w/ D.J. Buckley, Chad Riden
9/7/2014 7:30 pm: Matt Ward w/ Bryce Damuth, Chad Riden, Joe Kelley, Mary Jay Berger
8/31/2014 7:30 pm: Raanan Hershberg, Eric Sorgel, Matthew Maragno, Chad Riden
8/24/2014 7:30 pm: Dusty Slay w/ Jim Seward, Sean Parrott, Josh Inocalla, Chad Riden
8/17/2014 7:30 pm: Mitch Burrow w/ Dusty Slay, Mary Jay Berger, Brad Hinderliter, Chad Riden
8/10/2014 7:30 pm: Myq Kaplan w/ Zach Sherwin, Micah Sherman, Chad Riden
8/3/2014 7:30 pm: Dan Weeks w/ Kendra Corrie, Dusty Slay, Marty Linville, Jason Kirk, Chad Riden
7/27/2014 7:30 pm: Paige Bowman w/ Andrew Michael, Dusty Slay, Chad Riden
7/20/2014 7:30 pm: Mark Anundson w/ Gary Fletcher, Chad Riden, Jim Seward, Hunter Roberts, Sean Parrott, Brian Bates, Brad Edwards
7/13/2014 7:30 pm: Jim Seward w/ Jessica Watkins, Meredith Whitsett, Joshua Lewis, Joshua Wagner, Mary Jay Berger
7/6/2014 7:30pm: Brad Hinderliter w/ Nate Bargatze, Monty Mitchell, Brett Cantrell, Joe Kelley, Chad Riden
6/29/2014 7:30pm: Six Amigos! Chad Riden, Alex Poloskey, Rob “Hotsauce” Haynes, Mary Jay Berger, Carter Glascock, Chuck Anderson w/ special guests Brian Bates & Kendra Corrie
6/22/2014 8pm: Jeremy Essig’s LOSER: A Live Action Game (Shame) Show w/ special guests: Jim Seward, Kate Spellman, Brett Cantrell, Meredith Whitsett, DJ Buckley
6/15/2014 7:30pm: Caleb Synan, Tylere Perron, Mary Jay Berger & Chad Riden
6/8/2014 7:30pm: Ron Placone w/ Krish Mohan, David Dial, Brett Cantrell, Paulina Combow, DJ Buckley, Chad Riden
6/1/2014 7:30pm: The Alcohol, Tobacco and Fireants Tour – Brian Barganier & Jerry Morgan w/ Jon Bennett, Shane Smith, Brad Hinderliter, Chad Riden
5/25/18/2014 7:30pm: Underwear Comedy Party w/ DJ Buckley, Tylere Perron, Mary Jay Berger, Kite Hale, Chad Riden
5/18/2014 7:30pm: #WECF2014 Bestival of the Festival: Mary Jay Berger, DJ Buckley, Brad Edwards, Gary Fletcher, Sean Parrott, Mark Anundson
5/11/2014 7:30pm: Jake Head, Will Copeland, David Dial, John Thornton Jr., Ben Evans, Brad Hinderliter
5/4/2014 7:30pm: Chris Crofton w/ Chuck Anderson, Chad Riden
4/27/2014 7:30pm: Dave Ross w/ John-Michael Bond, Dwayne Duke, Anthony Savatt, Mary Jay Berger
4/13/2014 7:30pm: Chuck Anderson w/ Jeff Simmermon, Charla Lauriston, Meredith Whitsett, Chad Riden
4/6/2014 7:30pm: Bubba Bradley w/ Greg Henderson, Paulina Combow
3/30/2014 7:30pm: Tanner Inman, Brad Hinderliter, Zach Pugh, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
3/23/2014 7:30pm: Rocketship Comedy Tour: Tom Brady, Dwight Simmons, Cam O’Connor, w/ Anthony Turner, Abanoub Hanna, Chuck Anderson, Chad Riden
3/16/2014 7:30pm: The Pink Collar Comedy Tour: Erin Judge, Carrie Gravenson, Abbi Crutchfield, Kaytlin Bailey
3/9/2014 7:30pm: The Heroes of Hilarity: Mia Jackson & Viet Huynh w/ Josh Wagner, Hunter Roberts, Chad Riden
3/2/2014 7:30pm: Monty Mitchell w/ Johnny Q. Amish, David Nieker, Eden Starr, Brad Hinderliter, Chad Riden
2/23/2014 7:30pm: Ron Ron Moseley w/ Ron Placone, Josh Inocalla, Alex Poloskey, Dan King, Chad Riden
2/16/2014 7:30pm: Stefan Davis w/ Gary Fletcher, David Dial, Chad Riden
2/9/2014 7:30pm: Stewart Huff w/ Will Copeland, Brian Bates, Daniel Carrillo, Chad Riden
1/26/2014 7:30pm: Tim Northern w/ Chad Riden, Darrell “D” Wright, Chuck Anderson, Mary Jay Berger
1/19/2014 7:30pm: Jarrod Harris w/ Lace Larrabee, Matt Brady, Dwayne Duke, Willis Gordon, Chad Riden
1/12/2014 7:30pm: Paul Strickland w/ JC Ratliff, Bubbs Harris, Sean Parrott, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
12/29/2013 7:30pm: Dan Whitehurst w/ Keith Alberstadt, Meredith Whitsett, Jim Seward, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
12/22/2013 7:30pm: Dave Stone w/ Nate Bargatze, Cherith Fuller, Hunter Roberts, Jessica Watkins, Chad Riden
12/15/2013 7:30pm: Ryan Singer w/ Will Copeland, Jeff Blank, Gary Fletcher, James Austin Johnson, Chad Riden
12/8/2013 7:30pm: Mo Alexander w/ Brad Edwards, Grant Schinto, Mary Jay Berger, Chad Riden
[Editor’s note: this show was previously known as “Mikey’s Comedy Night” at another venue. See the full list of past performers at this link.]

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  1. […] SPiFFY SQUiRREL is Nashville’s only truly independent, underground professional weekly alt comedy show. Featuring touring comedians from all corners of the earth, plus outstanding local regulars who are worth paying attention to. Sundays at 7:30pm at The East Room for just $5 cover. Produced and hosted by NashvilleStandUp.com’s Chad Riden. […]

  2. […] SPiFFY SQUiRREL is Nashville’s only truly independent, underground professional weekly alt comedy show. Featuring touring comedians from all corners of the earth, plus outstanding local regulars who are worth paying attention to. Sundays at 7:30pm at The East Room for just $5 cover. Produced and hosted by Nashville’s Chad Riden. […]

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